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Barnwell County - S. C. Ry
Twenty miles east of Barnwell, the county seat, 76 miles from Charleston, 1,000 inhabitants; mails daily.
Baggot J F, physician
Bamberg Advertiser, D H Witherspoon editor and propr
Bamberg Banking Co, F M Bamberg president, H J Brabham cashier
Bamberg Coffin Co, J W Barr, T A Green, proprietors, undertakers
Bamberg, G P, livery
Barr J W, gen mdse
Barton D W, physician
Black J B, physician
Black R B, gen mdse
Black Thomas, genl mdse
Brabham C R, genl mdse
Brickle V V, carpenter
Brunson B D, physician
Cope & Brabham, J H Cope and W M Brabham, gen mdse
Copeland D L, genl mdse
Copeland J D, genl mdse
Counts T J, live stock
Delk & Sandifer, wagon manufacturers
Eaves J M, tel opr
Faust O D, dentist
Folk H C & Co, H C Folk, gen mdse
Golk John F, genl mdse and saloon
Green T A, carriage and wagon manufacturer and dealer
Green & Thompson, T A Green, B P Thompson, livery and live stock
Hays E R, live stock
Heath J M, baker
Hopton R L, c, barber
Hornick & Ettinger, gen mdse
Jennings & Bamberg, well borers
Johnson S W, hotel
Jones J J, gen mdse
Kline J A, music teacher
Moye M A, gen mdse
Murdaugh N P, saloon
Murphy J P, gen mdse
O'Donnell T, tailor
Patrick W F, meat market
Rice J A J Mrs, hotel
Rice Sallie Miss, milliner
Rouis T C, watchmaker
Rowe D J, justice
Simmons R S, druggist
Varn A G, postmaster
Varn G C, gen mdse
Wannamaker, E J physician
Witherspoon D H, editor and proprieter Bamberg Advertiser

E M Cox
Dr E H Dowling
H Ehrhardt
J D Felder
Felder N Z
A F Free
C B Free
E R Hays
F F Johnson
A P Miller
E J Sandifer
L F Sandifer
P W Sandifer
 A H Simmons
J J Simmons
R F Simmons
J W Stokes
D D Utsey

Barnwell County
Sixteen miles southeast of Barnwell, the county seat.
Clayton T, genl mdse
Fail J, grist mill
Kearse H W, physician
Kirkland R C, grist mill
Weekly J F, genl mdse

BRANCHVILLE [includes some residents of Hunter's Chapel and surround in Bamberg County]
Orangeburg County - S.C. Ry
This is a town of some 1000 inhabitants, situated at the junction of the Augusta and Columbia branches of the South Carolina Railway, 52 miles from Charleston and 17 south of Orangeburg, the county seat.  Express and Telegraph offices.  Mails daily.
Berkman Jacob, jeweler
Berry James, baker
Byrd D V, genl mdse
Byrd J D, hotel
Byrd J E, genl mdse
Byrd J N, genl mdse
Bryd S S, genl mdse
Dukes A F H, genl mdse
Dukes A S, cotton gin and grist mill
Dukes P C, genl mdse
Dukes R F, carriages, etc
Edwards A J L, grocer and saloon
Edwards T O, genl mdse and saloon
Gaines & Co, saw mill and grocer (?)
Goulding I, genl mdse
Grassett M S, physician
Heaton J G, genl mdse
Hunter & Co, cotton gin
Irwin Bros, genl mdse
Kretzer Wm, glksmith
May J R, genl mdse
May W R, saloon
Metts Geo c, wheelwright
Meyers D D, genl mdse
Myers Mrs M, genl mdse
Ott H V, lumber
Ott O H, druggist and physician
Pearlstine Mrs R, genl mdse
Peete A F, dentist
Reeves J C, carriages, etc
Reeves W D, shoemkr
Riley H, c, genl mdse
Selkins H J, genl mdse
Smoak E T, saw and grist mill
Walters S S, wheelwright
Warren J B, genl mdse
Williams J B, genl mdse

J W R Berry
Julius Berry
Sam Byrd
D W Byrd
F A Byrd
J E Byrd
Tom Bruce
H W Browning D - Cannon
C F Cannon
Fred Cooner
Morgan Dewitt
D J Dewitt
J J Dukes
A S Dukes
J A Edwards
T D Edwards
D D Fairy
W J Fairy
T W Fairy
A H Fairy
F A Fairy
W G Fairy
J L Fender
Josh Jenkins
H H Jenkins
John McAlhany
Shields McAlhany
Chas McAlhany
Joe McAlhany
Ben McAlhany
A C Ott
O H Ott
W L Reeves
D Rhoads
Wm Raysor
John Smoak
A N Smoak
E T R Smoak
A W Smoak
R J Steedy
J H Stoaks
P D Stoaks
Wm Syphrett
M G Thompson
N C Whitstone

Barnwell County
Fourteen miles from Midway the nearest shipping point.
Carter W I, grist mill and gin
Clayton C R, gin and grist mill
Ehrhardt C & Sons, genl mdse, saw and grist mill and wagon mnfrs
Hughes G W, gin
Joyner Frank, naval stores
Lockwood J D, physician
Varn L B, grist mill and gin

J W Bishop
J J Bishop
L M Bishop
J S Bishop
J E Bishop
Oliver Bishop
Paul D Bishop
D C Copeland
F E Copeland
H C Copeland
G F Copeland
J F Copeland
J C Copeland
P L Carter
W J Carter
J W Carter
W Carter
W H Carter
C F Carter
C L Carter
A J W Cone
G C Fender
C Hartz
W F Hins
A J Hins
H A Hughes
Mike Hins
J W Hughes
J M Johns
M E Kinard
J L Kinard
G F Kinard
M A Kinard
 J C McMillan
G F McMillan
N R Murdough
G W Rentz
J W Rentz
M L Sease
W E Sease
M B Varn
L B Varn
Dr A C Varn
Rev J H Wilson
J J Zeigler
W C Zeigler

Barnwell County - S. C. R'y

On the South Carolina Railway, 81 miles from Charleston, 56 from Augusta, and 20 from Barnwell C. H.
Barnwell C. H.
Califf W. L., genl mdse
Cox J M, grist mill
Crum J W, genl mdse
Guess J G H, cotton gin
Guess S D M & Son, genl mdse
Holman R D, drugs
Hutto J F, genl mdse
Hutto Mrs V S & Son, genl mdse
Mitts J C, blacksmith
Rice H C, genl mdse
Rich J, genl mdse
Rowell R M D, agt, genl mdse
Scott R H, grocer
Steadman J F, genl mdse
Williams R B, genl mdse
Williams J W, genl mdse

W H Abstance
J D Baxter
C D Browne
J D Brown
J S P Clayton
J W Collins 
N H Collins
C C Cooper
J W Crum
H V Fant
J C Fant
W H Fant
A A Faust
C C Faust
C I Faust
H M Faust
O D Faust
D I Felder
J D Felder
Lewis Felder
Irwin Graham
D W D Guess
J G Guess
J G H Guess
S D M Guess
D S Hartzog
J R Hightower
Robt Hightower
D A Hutto
H M Hutto
Joshua Hutto
T A Hutto
J M Inabrett  (believed to be Inabinet)
Nelson Inabrett  (believed to be Inabinet)
J C Kemp
E M Kennedy
L W Kennedy
G Kirkland
R Martin
E P Neely
A D Pearson
F Peoples
James Porter
E K Rasborough
J I J Rice
L L Rice
W T Rice
D J Rowell
J R Turner
J Wilkerson 
W H Wrotten

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