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Bamberg County, South Carolina
Partial Transcription
Mizpah Church and Cemetery

Driving directions:  Drive south from Bamberg on route 301, after passing Mizpah Methodist Church on the left side of the road, turn left on route 64. Drive one mile and turn left onto a dirt road between pine trees.  Go two tenths of a mile and the cemetery is in a circle of oak and other trees that are located in the middle of the road.  Circle around the cemetery and park
behind it where the graves are more accessible.






October 10, 2010

11:00 am

Contributed by Linda Stevenson

The following transcriptions were contributed by  Linda Stevenson,  October 17, 2004 (photographs by Anne Gelwicks, 2006):

Revolutionary marker for Reuben readsMizpah Church History
Ruben Kirkland, Revolutionary Soldier, ca 1760    1822
Placed by Charles Pinckney Chapter  NSDAR
Monument reads
Reuben Kirkland S.C. REV. WAR

Grave of Sarah Mary Clarke is beside Reuben Kirkland and  reads:
Mary Clarke, Wife of Reuben

Infant grave of:Mary E. Kirkland, daughter of John Cornelius Kirkland and
Sarah Cornelia Barker, reads:
SACRED to the Memory of
MARY E,  infant daughter of  JC and SC Kirkland
Nov. 9th 1865      Oct.18th  1866

Joseph Brabham's monument reads:
Joseph Brabham son of Joseph & Flora McPhail Brabham Born  Mar 1, 1785  Died
NOV 3, 1875

Sarah Kirkland Brabham's monument reads:
Sarah Kirkland Brabham wife of Joseph Brabham Dau. of Reuben and Mary
Kirkland   Born  Nov 18, 1790    Died  June 7,  1844.

There is evidence of other graves at this location but there are no other
monuments.  There is also an open grave that appears as if a body was moved,
The open grave is lined with brick.

The following transcriptions and photographs on this page contributed by Anne Gelwicks, April 7, 2007 from tombstone photographs.



Brabham, A. McKay, Jr.  1910-2000 (memorial brick, not a headstone)

Brabham, Cornelia  2-8-1904   12-8-1908  “dau of  R.F. & Daisy Brabham

Brabham, J. J.   9-6-1817   7-8-1883   “Signer of Secession Ordinance”  “Farewell dear husband and father, we shall long cherish thy memory, and hope to meet you in that better world where parting is no more.” (Masonic emblem & CSA Iron Cross )

Brabham, J. Med  1845 - 1895   (CSA Iron Cross; same stone w Janie H)

Brabham, James Heber  11-26-1907   12-31-1932

Brabham, Janie H.  1853 - 1935 (same stone w J Med)

Brabham, John Fletcher  5-18-1835    2-5-1882  (CSA Iron Cross)

Brabham, Julia Amelia  10-24-1846   9-3-1930 “wife of John Fletcher”

Brabham, Lizzie  8-30-1871  5-25-1887 “dau. of  JJ & SE Brabham

Brabham, Mamie Sue  11-15-1867   8-26-1898  “Wife of B.J. Brabham Jr.

Brabham, Sarah Darlington   1842 - 1925

Brabham, Susie E. Kearse  12-16-1880  9-17-1912 “Dau of Dr. H.W.  & Elizabeth Kearse. Wife of J.F. Brabham”

Breland, Thelma Kearse  10-4-1896   9-30-1979

Bush, Winnie Kearse 1899-1991 (memorial  brick, not a headstone)

Coleman, Carrie Kearse   9-11-1882  10-21-1905 “Wife of John F. Coleman M.D.

Everett, Sarah C.  2-22-1874   7-17-1949

Kearse, Ada O.   1-21-1881   5-17-1943

Kearse, Clara H.  7-8-1895   12-15-1943

Kearse, Elizabeth R.  1-20-1856  5-18-1937 (wife of Robert Martin)

Kearse, Emily Claire Smith 11-28-1920   5-22-2005

Kearse, George V.   9-9-1916  3-25-1990

Kearse, George Victor, Sr  2-9-1888   4-28-1969

Kearse, H. H., III "Buzzy"  1-17-1939  6-24-1990 “Until we meet again Daddy”

Kearse, Henry Homer, Jr  10-20-1910  4-26-1963

Kearse, Ila Mae 6-1-1890   11-30-1980

Kearse, J. Clyde, Sr  12-17-1895   12-8-1963 “Co F. 118th Inf”

Kearse, J. Ogilvie  1849   1938 (on same stone w N Elizabeth B Kearse)

Kearse, James B.  7-31-1848   11-19-1925  (CSA Iron Cross)

Kearse, Joseph Josiah  10-17-1850   7-5-1930

Kearse, Judy Diane  6-12-1951  6-30-2000

Kearse, Laura A.  12-2-1858  12-24-1952

Kearse, Lilla Von Etta Smoak   3-31-1919  4-6-1997

Kearse, Lozelle Demolliens 9-7-1890  11-11-1967

Kearse, Mildred Bamberg  1-21-1854   1-21-1959

Kearse, N. Elizabeth B.  1855   1926 (on same stone w J Ogilvie Kearse)

Kearse, Robert E.  8-27-1917  5-20-1972  SC Pfc. 362 Harcft Co. TC WWII (military marker)

Kearse, Robert Martin  5-17-1862  5-9-1933 (wife is Elizabeth R. Priester .b 1856)

Kearse, Roberta Roscoe  10-22-1894  8-9-1971

Kearse, Ruth H   9-9-1895   11-17-1949

Kearse, Thomas Graham 8-11-19434-8-2001

Kearse, Wilbur M  9-9-1884  3-4-1941   “Father”

Kearse, William H, Jr  6-26-1956  6-29-1956 “Our Son”

Kearse, William Harold 4—16-1918  2-7-1999

Kirkland, Anne   9-16-1928

Kirkland, Asbury Lawton, Jr   1-1-1909   9-30-1928

Kirkland, Ione Toney  9-6-1880  2-1-1962 “wife of J Hamilton Kirkland

Kirkland, Joseph Maner Lawton  3-21-1861   6-21-1921

Kirkland, Lawton, M.D.  8-29-1888   1-23-1961

Kirkland, Needham Franklin,  M.D.   1-27-1831   9-26-1920   (CSA Iron Cross)

Kirkland, Reuben Cornelius, M.D.  10-30-1864  8-16-1919

Rodt, Susannah E.  5-27-1827   9-18-1889

Rush, Pearl K 3-26-1885  4-14-1929

Seabrook, Holland Kennedy  11-24-1915  3-5-1995 US Navy WWII

Seabrook, Sarah Elizabeth Kearse 9-18-1920  2-18-2005  “Wife of Holland K Seabrook”

Wescoat, Gerald Joseph  1-20-1886  10-10-1949

Wescoat, Kathleen Kearse  7-2-1890  2-7-1979


Other names: Ayer, Barker, Beard, Bessinger, Best, Breeland (2 e’s), Deer, Drawdy, Duke, Goodwin, Graham, Hartzog, Johns, Johnson, Lemmon, Main, Mallory, Mayfield, McMillan, Milhous, Morris, Neeley, Northcutt, Odom, Proveaux, Richey, Rizer, Rountree, Russell, Smith, Switzerland, Walker, Weekley, Wilson, Wright, Zeigler (see the survey taken December 29, 1997 by Lem Lancaster which is posted on Barnwell County SCGenWeb at http://www.rootsweb.com/%7Escbarnwe/CemWeb/Mizpah.htm)

Clyde Kearse contributed the following updated tombstone transcriptions in October 2007:
      Barker Cleo Kearse 10/2/1899 3/23/1998   
      Breeland Edwin Westcoat "Westy" 9/12/1950 6/17/2003 
      Breeland Edwin Carlise 12/30/1914 3/27/1998 
      Breeland Helen 5/19/1917 2/25/1999 
      Breeland Laura Mae Baxley 7/21/1927 4/17/2006 
      Craven Lois Kearse 7/22/1929 12/19/2005 
      Cummins James Hal 10/3/1938 3/26/2000 
      Duke Sr. Lawrence Sidwell 4/8/1926 3/27/1997 
      Gary Sara Kirkland 8/30/1911 3/15/2004 
      Gilmore Harriett Hamilton Kirkland 8/29/1913 7/26/2004 
      Johns Mae Hartzog 7/30/1920 2/18/2006 
      Johnson Kathryn Kirkland 4/17/1916 12/2/2006 
      Kearse Judy Diane 6/12/1951 6/30/2000 
      Kearse William Harold 4/16/1918 2/7/1999 
      Kearse Emily Claire Smith 11/28/1920 5/22/2005 
      Kearse Thomas Graham 8/11/1943 4/8/2001 
      Kearse  George Victor 9/9/1916 3/25/1990 
      Kirkland Lillian Sack 11/13/1900 8/1/1999 
      Kirkland Annie Lawton  Wife of N. F. Kirkland Jr.
      Malory Sara Alexa 9/30/1929 1/5/1988 
      Milhous Wilma Kearse 1/28/1920 12/21/1998 
      Milhous John Grisby 1/1/1903 6/13/1992 
      Milhous Madison Neeley 6/22/1918 3/27/1997 
      Morris Jr. Ruby L. 1/7/1918 9/11/1998 
      Proveaux Brandon Gene 12/20/1991 1/18/2004 
      Seabrook Sara Elizabeth Kearse 9/18/1920 2/18/2005 
      Smith Jr. Globe 9/4/1916 6/30/1998 
      Wehner Carolyn Kirkland 11/18/1918 2/26/2006 
      Wehner Jr. Henry Otto 9/25/1917 8/9/1985 
      Weiss Gladys Carman 2/3/1904 8/3/2002 
      Whittle Neudie Browning Hartzog 9/2/1917 12/24/2003 

These files were contributed for use by the Bamberg County SCGenWeb Project  by:

Linda Stevenson <lindasownATcetlink.net>
October 17, 2004


Anne Gelwicks  AnnGelATomcast.net
April 7, 2007


Clyde Kearse   jckjATbarnwellsc.com
October 6, 2007

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