I am African-American and researching my family history, having roots in Colleton Co., on my maternal grandfather's side of the family.  His name was Daniel Adam Carter, who was born in Walterboro, SC April 3, 1883 and died in Lake Wales, FL December 1950.

I know he had a brother John and a sister Georgia; there may have been another sister as well.  I recently found him listed under the Levy Co., 1917-18 Draft Registration as "Dan Carter" after looking for almost a year.  He was married to my grandmother Alice Rover Carter in Levy Co.,
in 1920.  There were 9 children, although I don't believe all of the children were his as both were married to others briefly, prior to their meeting.  The children's names were:  Willie Mae, Bernice, Bobbie, Dorothy, Helen, Ida Bell, Augustus, Randolph, and Ollie.

Melody McGriff

GALASHAW/GALLASHAW and related names

I am searching the following AA names in the Jedburg and Summerville areas of Colleton from 1790? to 1897 when it becomes Dorchester Co.: Galashaw/Gallashaw; Figgers; Simmons; Tucker, and, Canady.  Gallashaws and Tuckers are buried in the Murray United Methodist Church Cemetery. Looking for the family of Harry (b 1865) and Netbas (b 1861) Gallashaw
and Joseph Gallashaw Senior.

Steven C. Perkins

SALLEY, KINSEY and related names

I am certain that my grandfather was born in Bamberg, Co. in 1899 or 1900 due to a "death remains" record that I found in a family bible.

     Grandfather - Rev. Bradley Solomon Salley - born in Bamberg, County (Branchville???) (Born 1899 or 1900 in Bamberg County)

      Grandmother - Franklin (Frankie) Lee Anderson-Salley from Ellorree SC. (Born:  February, 1916, Parents = Malachi & Emma Anderson)

     Their children:  Ruth Patricia, Franklin Bradley (B. 10/31/38), William Nelson, Henry (b. July 20 - died at birth)

     Great Grandparents from Bamberg County - at time of my grandfather's birth (April 5 1899 or 1900)      Preston Cornelius Salley - Died in South Carolina due to accident with Tractor - and he and his mule of a cart - Died  prior to 1946

      Henrietta Kinsey-Salley - from Colleton County (Smoaks, SC).- died in Philadelphia, PA between 1946 and 1964

     Great-Great Grandparents:  Tom Kinsey and Jane
     Other Kinsey Names:  Rhett Kinsey

Lisa Salley


I am trying to locate any relatives of my grandmother, Mary Ann Bird Gibson Glover, a freedwoman, who had several children by Dr. Joseph Edward Glover of Walterboro, S.C.  She and her parents and sisters lived on Cook's Hill Plantation.  Her parents were Richard Gibson and Jenette (last name unknown).

She had two sisters that I know of, Emma and Rhoda, who along with her and
several of her children and her father were given land by Dr. Glover on Cook's Hill Plantation.  Mary Ann Bird Gibson Glover was also given land in the town on Walterboro by Dr. Joseph E. Glover. Mary was born around 1844 and her father around 1820 or so.  Mary's and Dr. Glover's son, my grandfather, John Hamilton Glover, is shown with my grandmother, Alice Hilliard Glover, living on Fergueson Street on the 1910 census along with several of their children.

My grandfather had a brother or uncle, unsure of true relationship, by the name of Washington E. H. Glover, who lived in Georgia.  My grandparents moved to Charleston, S.C. after the census of  1910 where my grandfather, John Hamilton Glover, died in 1911.  My grandmother then moved to Florida with the children. Other brother and sisters of my grandfather are Doyley, Daniel, Mary, Leila and Joseph, who was born in 1879, a month after Dr. Joseph Edward Glover died.    Names I am looking for are:  Glover, Gibson. Green, Hilliard or anyone knowing anything about Cook's Hill Plantation.  Thank you, Harriet J. Cockrel

I am an African American searching for Glovers and Brands in Bamberg, Colleton County.  My grandfather: Sanford Brand born 4-12-1885 in Colleton County/ Bamberg. His parents are Martha Glover and Alex Brand (DOB unknown). He had a sister in FL by the name Clementine (clem), last name unknown, a sister Marie Brand Graham from Kingstree, SC (4-4-1899 to June 1964), a sister Emma Brand Johnson, a brother Oliver Brand (3-27-1910 to Jan. 1979) in New Zion, SC and a sister Corine Brand Mcfadden of SC.

Any info would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks and God Bless.

My ggrandfather, WILLIAM LAWRENCE WHEELDON, BLACK, was born in 1830 SC.
I find his daughter, HAGER WHILDEN, b.1864, living in Collins, Colleton w/a LINNEN family, and it appears she is either a grandaughter or godaughter.   Can you be of any help?
Most sincerely,
Carol Wheeldin Warren

My name is Lucy Summey-Greer - I am a African American looking for  information on my family who I found out is originally from Dorchester County.  Their  last name is Syphrett ...My grandfather name was Louis Syphrett  born in the early 1900's, He had a sister name Flossie Syphrett born in 1920?  I heard that they had very strong dialect - which was very hard to understand. My grandfather later married my grandmother Martha Wilson who is from Blackville, South Carolina.  I did find her family on the census report. Her mother name was Ida Wilson.  My aunt Flossie was also in Blackville, South  Carolina.  

Seeking an African American family by the last name of Brown.   According to family members, the Brown family owned property in Smoaks, South Carolina.  An Aunt, Mary Brown Scott (husband Jacob Scott) lived in Ruffin.  This is from the 1900 Census of Colleton County:

Elijah Brown,  33,  b. March 1867
Angeline, 37, b. Aug. 1863
Hattie, 14, b. July 1886
Essie, 5, b. Jan. 1895 (Great Grandmother)
Johnie, 3, b. Oct. 1896
Eddie, 2, Nov. 1897
Elijah, infant, b. May 1900

It seems that Angeline may have passed away, and my great-great-grandfather remarried an older woman by the name of Fannie by the time the next census was taken in 1910.

Essie Brown married Douglas Jakes (spelled Jaques in the 1920 Census below).  They moved to Hastings, Florida.  This information was taken from census under Warren Township ED 143 SH 16.

Douglas Jaques, 27  (from North Carolina)
Essie , 25 (Great-Grandmother)
Junior, 6
Elizabeth, 2 7/12 (Grandmother)
Rachel Brown, 10

Thank you in advance for your time.

Bernice Lacy


I am researching the Garbon (or Garbonne) family from Summerville. I'm guessing they are listed as "mulatto" or black in records. Fanny and Dedrick
Garbon were married in 1879 in Charleston and later had a farm in Summerville- now Garbon Rd.

Carissa Mann

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