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Colleton County

Midway between the Rantowles and Edisto River, within three miles of Adams Run Station, on the Charleston and Savannah R'y- 26 miles from Walterboro, the county seat, and 30 miles from Charleston.

Mrs S E Legare, P M
Barnwell G H, gen mdse
Barnwell T O, physician
Brown A B, gen mdse
Campbell D P, exp and R R agt
Cooper M R, saw mill
Deas A R, genl mdse
Deas Stephen, shoemkr
Dodd H D, grist mill
Dodd & Bro, wagonmkrs
Green Jas, livery
Grimball L M, physician
Humbert J M, genl mdse
Johnson B, blksmith
King Robt, barber
Legare F Y Jr, real estate agt and notary
Marshall W A, gen mdse
Martin P W, gen mdse
Mellard D W, saw mill
Simons M W, genl mdse
Simons Robert, butcher
Taylor J D, justice
Ward Primus, shoemkr
Young A S, gen mdse

D McK Allston
S E Barnwell
John Crawford
A R Deas
G S Fitzsimons
D H Fowles
Dr L M Grimball
Geo Harris
W Humbert
J J Jenkins
C P W King
J J King
R B King
W N Lariscy
A P Larsen
S A Legare
J O McCants
P W Martin
D W Mellard
R W Peeples
W F Prentiss
J B Richardson
Edw Tavel
J W Watts
W C Wilson
A S Young

Colleton County
A country postoffice 14 miles from the nearest station on the S. C. Ry., 25 miles from Walterboro, the county seat.

Cassidy T F, genl mdse
Ehrhardt C & Sons, saw and grist mill and cotton gin
Folk J C & Bro, genl mdse, saw and grist mill
Folk W W, genl mdse and physician
Weimer D, saw and grist mill

M M Carter
J J Copeland
A Z Folk
H N FOlk
J C Folk
J J Folk
O P Folk
S H Folk
W W Folk
H F Gowan
G F Hiers
I J Johns
J F Kinard
M O Kinard
F N Murdaugh
J G Pritcher
D W Rizer
J N Rizer
A E Varn
A S Varn
G Varn


Colleton County- C & S Ry
A small station on thge C. & S. Ry., 56 miles from Charleston and 12 from Walterboro, the county seat.

Anderson C C, genl mdse
Beach H W, genl mdse
Bellinger L, genl mdse
Chapman D J, genl mdse
Grant R B, genl mdse
Hickman S A Mrs, genl mdse
McTeer E R, grist mill
Marvin W D, genl mdse
May C D, genl mdse
Rugero & Chaplin, genl mdse
Savagte C A, genl mdse
Simons Ben, genl mdse
Wolff & MOrris, genl mdse

Robert Adgers
S Barns
L Bellinger
H E Bishell M D
W S Bissell
James Gahagan
Rawlins Lowndes
A Sanders
B Sanders
W D Warner

Colleton County
Has a tributary population of about 100, is tweny miles from Walterboro.

Brown B S, turpentine
Getsinger Geo, genl mdse
Godley W S, genl mdse, grist mill
Pierson & Bro, turpentine
Rick J C, physician

J K Bell
C W Crosby
H E Crosby
E DuBois
Henry DuBois
W A Gipson
J W Mears
B Mills
J Mills
Jno Mills
W D Niles
B O'Quin
E O'Quin
Jacob Padgett
F M Polk
I O Polk
T Polk
W E Ponds
J Rentz

Colleton County - C & S Ry
On the Charleston and Savannah Railway, 37 miles from Charleston, and 18 miles from the Court House.

Anderson J C, genl mdse
Arnold Thos, genl mdse
Bischoff W B & Bro, genl mdse
Evins James, genl mdse
Fishburne F C, phosphaate mines
Glover, A B, genl mdse
Hiott J, agt, genl mdse
Johnson & Bro, genl mdse
Pronties C J, physician
Sanders W B, saloon

Farmers -

T P Alston
H J Bailey
W P Bischoff
B F Davis
Ulmer Davis
W B Easterlin
Benju Ford
T A Garvin
F G Glover
James B Glover
James W Grace
E F Hartman
T Johnson
W H Nix
Isaiah Padgett
C J Prentiss
F J Pritchard
J L Reeves
Benj Sanders
Lawrence Sanders
W C Simpson


Colleton County - S. C. Ry
Is only a railroad station, 26 miles north of Charleston.

Griffin M V, timber
Miller C G, genl mdse
Stultz R B, genl mdse
Welch & Altman, genl mdse

T Altman
John Ballentine
J T Browning
T S Browning
W T Browning
A T Burbage
J W Burbage
J H Felder
W C Gelzer
Mac Griffin
Wm Griffin
Jas Harvey
T C Harvey
Samuel Haynes
G P Hodge
R E Mellard
J J Murray
W T Percy
J T Smith
Wm Smith
T V Stokes
R R Stubbs
David Winningham

Colleton County - C & S Ry

Brownley C H, physician
Bryan G F, genl mdse
King C W, genl mdse


Colleton County
About twenty miles northwest of Walterboro, the county seat, and 12 miles from Branchville

Haywood W H Jr, agt, genl mdse
Knight Rufus, saw, grist mill and naval store mfr

W E Capers
R T King
E Tavel
Paul Jenkins
T Peoples
J B Platt
J L Canady
T Weeks
Ben Bivens
Frank Bailey
Ben Pinckney
P W Martin
N J Lamb
D E Gordon
Saml Altman
Toby Woodruff
Scipio Bryan
Adam Kelley
Stephen Jackson
E C Stephens
J D Canady
Fred Newton
W J Newton
Hector Bing
John Drayton
Richard Shipp
Harry Washington
Titus Wilson
Larkin Marks
Danl Sparing
Romeo Webb
Joe Curtain
Robert Elmo
Robert Jackson
Robert Giles
Lewis Giles
Boson Smashum
John Cordery
C C Williams
W H Cordery
M C Perry

Colleton - C. & S. R.R.
Just a small Station on the above road, 19 miles from Charleston.

Clark J T, genl mdse
Fox P, genl mdse
Sauls M L, genl mdse

A Bick
Edward B Fissburn
C S Gadsden
C T Mitchell

Colleton County

Altman, J B, genl mdse
Hiatt S R, genl mdse
Rodgers, J R, genl mdse

Colleton County - C & S Ry

This place is distant from Charleston 32 miles, and 30 from Walterboro, the county seat.

Beaty J H, genl mdse and naval stores
Beatty L G, genl mdse
Cantwell J M, attorney at law
Clayton M S, genl mdse
Cummings J N, genl mdse
Edisto Lumber Co, saw mill
Jeffers Wm, genl mdse
Kingman Bros, genl mdse
Mood A H, genl mdse
Moore S C, genl mdse
Moseley Norman, saw mill
Muckenfuss B W, genl mdseMuckenfuss G L, genl mdse and naval stores
Murray J & Co, drugs
Owens L G, saw mill
Owens R, genl mdse
Quackenbush & Co, saw mill
Thrower D E & Bro, genl mdse
Varnadoe Bros, genl mdse
Way W B, genl mdse

Colleton County - S. C. Ry

A station on the South Carolina Railway, 37 miles from Charleston.

Farrel R L & Co, genl mdse and naval stores mnfrs
Harbeson H W, genl mdse
Harleson J A, genl mdse
Johnson J W, saw mill
Wharton W H, genl mdse

A H Harley
B Brown
H W Clayton
 J A Brownlee
Geo Bowman
Henry Bowman
Lewis Hilton
W T Bowman
David STulls
C Crawford
Mose Hilton
W R Cummings
Richard Bell
Geo Bell
Mrs Dorah Harley
T W Harley
R L Farell

Colleton County
A way station on the Carolina Railway.

Knight Wm M, saw mill
Rumph S D, genl mdse

Colleton County - C & S ry

This little place takes its name from the Salkehatchie River, which is a part of the Combahee, along which are some very large rice plantations.

Bryan F W, genl mdse and saw mill
Jones J H & Co, genl mdse
Petit Geo W & Bro, genl mdse
Spencer W T, saw mill
Spencer & Son, saw mill
Williams R S, genl mdse

Henry Dubois
C R Haines
Jas B Heyward, Sr
T A Jones
Petit Brothers
G W Petit
Jonathan Trowell

Colleton County

Is an interesting little place of 500 inhabitants, situated on the South Carolina Railway, 48 miles from Charleston, 82 miles from Columbia, and 20 miles from Walterboro, the county seat.  It has one Methodist church and one fine graded school, Western Union Telegraph and Southern Express offices.  Enjoys two daily mails.

Appleby & Co, genl mdse
Brownlee W S, genl mdse
Carmaday D S & E J, genl mdse
Coleman Chas, genl mdse
Conner M C, lawyer and agt Royal Ins Co
Connor W D, genl mdse and R R wood contractor
Dukes & Bros, M W and D D Dukes, wheelwrights
Dukes J A & Co, J A Dukes and G Murray, genl mdse
Felder R R, livery
Gaskins W D, genl mdse
George's Graded Institute, for male and female
Goodall S B, genl mdse
Horne Mrs D M, genl mdse
Kenyon Miss M & Co, millinery
Kizer & Way, P A Kizer and G E Way, cotton gin house and press
Klauber L A, genl mdse and R R cross tie contractor
Korber  R B, genl mdse
Mellard J P, physician
Minus J P, W S Minus & Bro, physician
Minus W S & Bro, W S and J P Minus, genl mdse and drugs
Moorer P L & Co, P L Moorer and W J Murray, genl mdse, physicians and drugs
Risher P W, grist mill
Selleck S L, genl mdse
Shieder T B & Co, genl mdse
Stokes J R & Co, genl mdse
Stokes & Smith, naval stores
Utsey I S Mrs, milliner
Way W T, genl mdse
Weeks R F, genl mdse

Henry Ackerman
F V Appleby
G S Cannady
W Dukes
G M Dukes
D D Dukes
O B  Dukes
J W Farrey
R F Felder
W D Gaskins
E M Garris
J L Gavin
B J Howell
W B Harley
J A Hutto
D R Hutto
D W M Hutto
O A Dudy
R B Kager
B F King
D F Moorer
J P Minus
J S Murray
E Murray
S J McCay
J J Parker
L E Parker
J H Patrick
G W Peters
J D C Pendarvis
J C Rigby
W M Shuler
J G Shiulder
M C Smith
J R Stokes
W E Stokes
L D Smith
W D Thomas
Rev J M Weekes
L M Westbury
J S Wimberly
N L Wimberly
J C Werner
W J K Westbury


Is situated near the centre of Colleton county, 60 miles from Charleston.  The surrounding country is admirably adapted to rice planting, this being the chief product.  Cotton is also raised to a considerable extent.  The place is a thriving, go-ahead little town of perhaps 1,500 inhabitants, has two hotels, three schools, four churches, Episcopal, Presbyterian, Methodist and Catholic, one gin and grist mill in the town, and a number in the immediate neighborhood, one newspaper, the Colleton Press.  Mail is received daily.

Behre, F G, lawyer
Beilenson Louis, jeweler
Bellinger W C P, genl mdse
Black H W, dentist
Burbridge J W, genl mdse
Cummings & Lemacks, planing mill (2 miles)
Edwards D O, grocer
Edwards L W, lawyer
Edwards & Edwards, J D and L W, attorneys at law
Farmer D H c, tailor
Farrow A S, lawyer
Fincken & Meyer, E H Fincken and N A Meyer, grocers, hotel and saloon
Fishburn H P, physician
Fishburn W J, lawyer
Fripp & Bro, rice mill
Fripp & Risher, saw mill (2 miles)
Gruber W B, lawyer
Halford, J J, wheelwright
Heirs Solomon, saw mill
Henderson C G, lawyer
Howell M P, lawyer
Klein John M, druggist
Lipsitz, A J, genl mdse
Mercer S Mrs, genl mdse
Mims F, saw mill (6 miles)
Mostowitz M, genl mdse
Murphy W P, lawyer
Padgett B H, physician and druggist
Paul Wm A, postmaster
Pearson & Bro, saw mill (7 miles)
Price B G Jr, propr Colleton Press
Saunders J G, physician
Saunders J G & Co, J G Saunders and J R Stokes, druggists
Stokes, J R, saw mill (8 miles)
Stokes, W E, saw mill
Stokes Wm & Son, saw mill (2 miles)
Sweeney J P, shoemkr
Tant S G, wheelwright
Terry & Shaffer, genl mdse
Tracy C C, lawyer
Von Lehe A C, genl mdse and livery
Waring Remus c, confr
Warren Brfos, J D & W, genl mdse
Wichman, A Mrs, hotel
Wichman Albert, genl mdse
Witsell, Charles, Physician

Bedon Beach
C Beach
Ramsom Fender
G. Price
A. Campbell Sander
Benj Sander
J T Beach
John Bennett
Standard Colleton
Fincken & Meyer
C P Fishburn
L N Fishburn
Isaac Fraser
J S Glover
W S G--ley (can't read copy)
R A Linder
C D May
E. Pellum
T M Pinckney
Henry R. Price
M F Pring
G. T. Remley
H T Remley
J Remley
A S Saunders
G Way
R H Wichman

WHITEHALL, on the C & S Railway
Colleton County
Sixteen miles from the county seat, is only a railroad station

Anderson, C. S. , genl mdse
Bellinger, L., genl mdse
Burns, J.D., genl mdse
Carter, M. H., genl mdse
Heyward, Chas, genl mdse
Heyward, D. C., genl mdse
Heyward, R. B., genl mdse
Marvin & Boynton, genl mdse
Marvin, J. A., genl mdse
Richards, H., genl mdse
Simmons, Benj., genl mdse
Simon Bros, genl mdse
Westcoat, J.W., sawmill
Williams, S.C., genl mdse
Whilden, W. H. C, genl mdse
Wotitski, J., genl mdse

(I'm embarrassed to say that I did a terrible job of copying this page and lost the edge of the left margin.  The book was old and brittle and I was trying to be careful with it, but I should have checked my work. However, I didn't want to leave it out because of my mistake. Please let me know if you can "fill in the blanks". ).

Colleton County
Within two miles of Rantowles, a station on the C & S R'y

_ownley C H, physician
_hle Lewis, genl mdse
_uls Morgan, genl mdse
_aring W A, physician
Whitehurst J, genl mdse and physician


Sampson Brown
_ Chaplain
Jas Chestnut
_ Chisolm
S Chisolm
Jos _men
Isaac Drayton
Samuel _aser
May Gadsden
Paul Gadsden
Peter Gadsden
Jas Graham
John Grant
Henry _een
Willis Harvey
E E _ywood
Geo Hills
Demp-__ Jackson
Lewis Kable
S J _ng
Gilbert McRay
T H _servey
W Murphy
James _well
Frank Richards
J T _wers
James Rose
Robt San_s
Toney Scott
Charles _brook
Wm Seabrook
Jas _nes
John Shines
Abner Simmins
Wm Simmons
Danl Smalls
Edwd Smalls
George Smalls
James Smalls
Henry _ith
Hector Steplight
Robert _bert
Wm Washington
Jno _ite

Tom Fetters wrote to share this:  "Wide Awake is now in Charleston County, as the original Colleton County which ended at Rantowles Creek, was pushed back to the Edisto River.  Go to the east on the Atlantic Coast Line towards Charleston.  Stop at Rantowles Station which is just west of the creek.  Go south one mile and Wide Awake is on the west bank of the river.  It appears in an 1887 map."  Thanks, Tom!





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