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Evelyn McDaniel Frazier Bryan, a native South Carolinian and former Walterborian, is the author of HUNTING YOUR ANCESTORS IN SOUTH CAROLINA (2nd printing 1974), CEMETERIES OF UPPER COLLETON COUNTY (2nd printing 1993) and COLLETON COUNTY, SC - A History of the First 160 Years 1670-1830 (1993). Mrs. Bryan, a graduate of Winthrop College (now University), has had articles concerning South Carolina history and lore appear in Southern Living, Sandlapper, SC History Illustrated, Names in South Carolina and the State and the News and Courier newspapers.

Books by Evelyn McDaniel Frazier Bryan

Book descriptions provided by the author.
Hunting Your Ancestors in South Carolina - A Guide for the Amateur Genealogist is unique in that it was the first source of its kind published in South Carolina.
Its 48 pages are divided into two sections: Means to Verification and Aids to Verification. It gives all known sources of information in South Carolina and suggests the best ways of utilizing them, stressing also problems which may confront the genealogist. Listed in the appendix is additional valuable material including sources of reference.
48 pp, 6 x 9, 1974 $8.00

Cemeteries of Upper Colleton County, SC contains 668 pages, indexed, with over 12, 000 names, six map sections and many pictures involving 89 cemeteries of upper Colleton County - one of the original three counties in South Carolina.
In addition to church histories, there are genealogies of and genealogical information on the following families: Benton, Bryan, Black, Breland, Carter, Fisk, Garris, Goodwin, Hiers, Johnston/Johnson, Kicklighter, Kinsey, May, Murdaugh, Padgett, Risher, Rizer, Smith, Smyly, Smoak, Stokes, Ulmer, Varn, Walker and Williams, as well as hundreds of allied families.
Included also are excerpts from the Reverand Richard Bryan's unpublished Journal (1795-1825).
The book carries the endorsement of the SC Genealogical Society and bears the seal of the SC American Revolution Bicentennial Commission.
668 pp, 6 x 9, 1993 $50.00

Colleton County, South Carolina - A History of the First 160 Years (1670-1830) is the only history ever written of Colleton County.
This book begins in 1670 with the first settlement in that area and ends with events leading up to the War Between the States. Over 270 pages contain heretofore unpublished material, such as the petition and signers for the incorporation of the village of "Walterborough", a 1780 plat of the village of "Jacksonborough", a tax list for 1733-1742, and jury lists for 1788-89 for Colleton County.
272 pp, 6 x 9, 1993 $50.00

All three books are still available from:
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