My mother was a Foreman, of sterling family, who lived at Silverton, near 

Beech Island in Aiken County, not far from Augusta, Georgia.  The Foremans were 

a strong, virile race of people; the men large of stature and the women beautiful.  

They were good farmers and keen traders, given to making money.  Withal they 

were religiously inclined, fundamentally, though not always enthusiastic Church 

men.  They were not spectacular people, but were dependable.  Their neighbors 

sought counsel from them and followed their leadership.  They were English.

     My grandfather was Isaac Foreman, a much beloved physician, of Silverton.  

He graduated at the University of South Carolina before the Confederate War, 

quite a distinction at that time.  He was petitioned by his neighbors to remain at 

home during the War to take care of the civilian sick.  All his brothers fought for 

the Confederacy.  His later life, being ill, was spent with his daughter, Mrs. Carrie

J. Ashley, at Ellenton.  It was there that I knew him, helpless in a wheel chair.  

He married, when he was forty years old, Miss Jan Rountree of Barnwell County.
I knew her also - a loveable, intelligent woman and a great reader.  She lived to 

a great age, as the Rountrees usually did.  She was small of stature and in youth 

considered beautiful.  She retained the marks of beauty in her old age.  Isaac Foreman 

lived to a goodly age also, but being much older than his wife, predeceased 

her many years.  The Foremans, including Isaac, were called by one author (A.  B.) 

Williams in "Hampton and his Red Skirts", "Big men and unanimous fighters".  

Among the brothers of Isaac, was Jacob, of Silverton, whom I once saw.  He never 

married, and by his thrift and keen business acumen amassed a large fortune.  

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