the recurrence of aptitude and qualities in successive generations, due to habits

of life and environment, is shadowy and undefined.  There is nothing in a mere

name; there must be continuous effort and accomplishment; "Like Father, Like

Son", is largely a matter of habit,training and association, which engenders pride

 and ability to do particular things well.

        The family name "Howell" is pure Celtic.  It originated in the highlands

which extended from Northern Scotland and Ireland through Wales, onto Brittany

before the British Isles were separated from the continent of Europe.  The meaning

of the name is "Shining Orb", and was originally spelled "Houl" or "Howl".  The

Howells migrated from Cadiff, Wales, to America about 1698, and settled in

Philadelphia; thence came to South Carolina.

        The first known Howell in South Carolina was named William, who settled

in Colleton, now Dorchester County, or in Orangeburg County.  Malachi Howell,

kinsman of William settled on the Congaree River about the same time, and became

the ferryman at what is now known as Hopkins.  He married a Hopkins, and is

the progenitor of all the Howell's along the Congaree and Pee Dee Rivers in South

Carolina, as well as of some of the Howell's who migrated to Orangeburg and

Colleton Counties.  The exact relationship is not now known, but William and 

Malachi are the progenitors of the South Carolina Howell's.  A Hopkins used to

visit my great Uncle Benson Howell of St. George, and claimed kin by marriage.

He used to imbibe too much dram, and would jump up and strike his heels together

and say "The Howell's are all gentlemen, and there isn't a drop of common blood

in the tribe; all are pure white and belong to royalty".  I never learned from Uncle

Benson exactly who he (Hopkins) was, or his relationship.  He was evidently related

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