and married Louisa Carn.  Their graves are located on the Ephraim Weathers
Plantation in Dorchester County, which was Joseph Howell's home place, are still
enclosed by an iron fence, and are marked by tombstones.
Joseph Hardy Howell and Louisa Carn were the parents of: Lewis Carn, who married Sarah Reeves, of Cottageville, buried at Indian Fields. David, married Senetha Hart. Mary, married Calloway Pendarvis, buried at Indian Fields Church. Irene, married George Merric Rumph.

George Merric Rumph, Jr. was a lawyer, and once a co-partner of my father at St. George. Joseph Hardy Howell built the home on the main street of St. George and gave it to his daughter, Irene Rumph. It is still owned and occupied by Miss Ennis Howell, an elderly maiden lady, first cousin of my father, and daughter of Benson Howell. She is an estimable woman; her sister Mary (Mamie) lives with her now, having recently lost her husband, Mr. John Whetsell. They are my second cousins, but of an older generation. All the boys of Uncle Benson are dead: (Joseph, Lewis Carn, William, etc.).

Caroline, married James Horne. Benson, married Elizabeth Warner. Florello, called Aunt "Rel", married John Parlor, grandfather of State Senator J. D. Parlor. Susan, married Isiah (Ike) Hutto. John Samuel Adams (my grandfather), married Susan Grimes. Ellison, never married; killed at Petersburg, Virginia in the Confederate War.

My great-grandmother, Louisa Carn, had one brother, who married Annie Connor, having no children, and being buried at Ebenesa Church, Orangeburg County. Louisa Carn, my great-grandmother, was a first cousin of Col. Merric Carn, Lieutenant Governor of South Carolina before the War Between The States.

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