In Lewis Carn Howell's home when it burned (in my recollection), was the

old Howell family Bible written in Welsh, containing lengthy Howell family records.

The Coat-of-Arms of the Howells, bore the legend: "Tenaset Proposite", meaning

 "Tenacious of Purpose".

        Malachi, a remote ancestor, established and ran a ferry at Hopkins, near

Columbia, from whom probably sprang all the Howells of Richland County, and

 those along the Pee Dee River.

        I remember well my grandfather, Samuel (J.  S. A.) Howell, his brothers,

 Lewis and Benson, and his sisters, Susan Hutto and "Reill Parlor.  Susan Hutto was

 said to have been a very beautiful woman in her youth, and even in her old age she bore

 the earmarks of physical beauty.  She was of very positive character and

somewhat of a turbulent disposition, having a vitriolic tongue, wholly unbridled.

  Aunt "Rel" Parlor was of quieter disposition and possessed lovely manners and also

beauty.  She was the grandmother of the present Senator J. D. Parlor of Dorchester


        I shall not go into the descendants of grandfather's sisters and brothers,

except to say that John, Joseph Hardy, Lewis Carn, and William were the names

predominating in their families.  I knew them all.

        I knew best my grandfather, John Samuel Adams Howell, the son of Joseph

Hardy Howell and Louisa Carn.  I know little of the ancestry or collateral kin of

Louisa Carn, but she probably was connected with Col.  Carn of Colleton, who was

once Lieutenant Governor of South Carolina, and the father of Mary Carn

Fishburne, - E. L. Fishburne's mother.  Probably the blood strain is here too much

 attenuated for consideration.  My grandfather told me that we were kin to the

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