Fishburne boys, but he never defined the relationship (E. L. Fishburne has always

 been, and still is, my best friend, and was my law partner.  He is now Associate

 Justice of the South Carolina Supreme Court).

        My grandfather, J. S. A. Howell, lived at Badham, about three miles from

 St. George toward Branchville, it was not then a town.  I visited his home often as

 a boy, He lived in a spacious house near the  Southern Railroad.  It was of the

 English Squire type, set on high pillars, with fan lights and side lights at the front

 door.  Some years ago it was destroyed by fire.  The same type of house was built

 in St. George by grandfather's father, Joseph Hardy Howell, and given to his

 daughter, Irene Howell Rumph.  It still stands, on the main street of St. George.

  My great uncle, Benson Howell, occupied it in my recollection, then his children,

 Joseph H., Lewis Carn, William, Ennis, Mamie, Whightman, and others.  I often

 visited Uncle Benson when I was a boy.

My grandfather, J. S. A. Howell, and his brothers, Benson and Lewis Carn,

 were in personal appearance dapper, rather undersized, but stockily built men with

 clear blue eyes.  They generally wore a black, close cropped beard, sometimes only

 a moustache.  They were vehement men, with fixed, very positive ideas, little

 given to compromise, and were noted as fighters, being possessed of great physical

 and moral courage.  Joseph H. Howell, my great, great grandfather, is said to

 have fought off a company of British soldiers who attempted to confiscate his pet

 calf.  The Howells were excellent soldiers, there being record of their prowess in

 the Revolutionary War, the War of 1812, the Indian Wars, and the War Between

The States.

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