there married a Dr. Bishop, who was evidently a wealthy, highly cultured man.  

Julia died in Los Angeles, and was buried there, leaving no offspring.

        Edward moved to Birmingham, Alabama, where he reared a family, and then

died.  He became a labor leader in the early days, before the national labor unions

were formed.  I know none of his children.

        All of my uncles and aunts were well educated, though of little schooling,

and possessed much information which they were able to put to maximum use.

None of them as far as I know ever attended a college.  They were entirely self-

made, having only such schooling as the common schools of that day provided.

Yet they were all outstanding men in their chosen fields, and were regarded as

leaders in thought and action in the communities where they lived.  All wrote

excellent handwriting, and had a peculiar gift of expression in speaking and

in writing.  They were self-reliant and successful men.  Uncle Dolph and

Madison P. Howell were outstanding for their personal accomplishments, with

little educational aids, except their own efforts to learn.

        Aunt Susan Virginia intermarried with A. S. Barnes, of North Carolina and

Walterboro.  He was Colleton County's earliest turpentine operator, and highly

successful.  He died, leaving one child, Albert Parker Barnes.  Mr. Barnes is buried

in Live Oak Cemetery, Walterboro.  Aunt Sue later married E. M. Jones, an

estimable man of Colleton, who reared a large family and died, and is buried in

Live Oak Cemetery.  "Aunt Sue" predeceased him.  Among the Jones children are:

Edna Virginia Riddle, Ray Miller, Adolphus, Howell and Meredith.  Aunt Sue is also

buried in Live Oak, beside both her husbands, in a lot next to that of M. P. Howell.

Aunt Sue was physically lovely and of a happy disposition.  I used to enjoy visiting

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