Miss Ennis Howell (still alive but very old), daughter of Benson Howell, my

grandfather's brother, came into possession of three leaves from the family Bible

(Jan. 2, 1943) of my great, great grandfather, Joseph R. Howell.  The leaves were

found among the muniments of title of V. C. Badham, who bought my grandfather's

home place (and resides there), now Badham, on the Southern Railway from

Charleston to Columbia, about four miles from St. George.  Mr. Badham also bought

and cut the timber from my great, great grandfather's land and came into possession

of the leaves from the family Bible.  The leaves show the following:

Joseph H. Howell, born March 31, 1800.

Lewis R. Howell, born December 22, 1823 (son of J. H. Howell).

J. S. A. Howell, born October 25, 1825 (my grandfather).

David R. Howell, born September 3, 1827 (son of J. H. Howell).

Anne L. F. Howell, born August 21, 1829 (daughter called Caroline).

Irene T. Howell, born August 26, 1831 (Dau. married George Rumph).

J. H. Howell built and gave to Irene Rumph the home in St. George 
where Ennis Howell now lives.

Mary Eliza Elizabeth, born October 25, 1833.  This was "Aunt Mary" 
who married a Reeves of Cottageville.

Joseph Benson, born January 12, 1836.  He was the father of Cousin 

Francis Ellison, born April 14, 1839 (He was killed in the Confederate
War, before his marriage).

Morrello Marcens, born December 5, 1841.  This was Aunt Rel,
grandmother of State Senator J. D. Parler of Dorchester County.

Virginia Susan Jane, born April 6, 1842 (she married Isaiah Hutto, of
St. George).

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