Joseph H. Howell inscribed in his family Bible:

        "Bless the Lord for his mercy in sparing us all to the present day.  May he

guide us safely through this life and bring us all to Heaven when we die, for the

Savior's sake is my prayer".
- J. H. Howell, May 8, 1849.
Also recorded in the family Bible is: "Joseph H. Howell and Louisa Carn were married February 14, 1823." Joseph R. Howell was a country doctor. Miss Ennis remembers seeing him when she was a small girl, and she has his enlarged photograph. She also remembers hearing her father speak of Hopkins Howell (evidencing some connection with Malachi Howell, who married a Hopkins). Cousin Ennis says the older Howell's were proud of their blood. She remembers hearing of William Howell, but has no evidence of his relation to her.
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