I could endlessly record his actings, doing and sayings, which prove his

greatness and were so helpful to me, but this statement would be unduly lengthened.

I doubt if many people would be interested now.  I might say that he was a great

Orator.  His memory was so perfect, and his faculty of making the best of all he

ever read, that his speeches seem to be those of a highly learned man.  He read

and remembered the English Classics, and as David Webster said of himself, when

he arose to speak all he had ever read or heard took orderly serviceable arrangement

in his mind and was used to greatest advantage in his orations.  He seemed to be

self-hypnotized while he was speaking and always spoke more eloquently than 

anybody expected.  He had the high pitched voice of a clarion, and as Judge Gage

once told me, "It was exciting and inspired men to action".  I have heard his voice 

and could understand his words at home, some two blocks distant, as he addressed 

a jury in the Court House.  Everybody who heard it started running to the scene

of action, so alarming and exciting did it seem.

        He possessed wonderful "address", and in every sphere of action seemed

superior to his background, more learned, able and successful than might have been


        He was at ease and accepted as a leader among the rich and the poor, the

high and the low, the learned and the unlearned, the sincere and the righteous.

        He was a supporter of Church and School.  On every public issue he was on

the side of good morals and the best interest of society.  He was State Senator

from Colleton (then including Dorchester and most of Charleston) when Tillman's

issue swept him out of office.  Tillmanism, as he knew, was a great "temptest in

a teapot".  His political and social wisdom was uncanny.  In politics he was like

the great Warwick, elevating others, but seeking little for himself.  This type of

politician has vanished from the face of the Earth.  Like my grandfather, he was

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