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Genealogy Resources in Print

This list was provided by the Colleton County Memorial Library in a publication called "Genealogy Resources in Print" (last modified 1998).

General Guides

G 929.1      Ancestry's Red Book:  American State, County, and Town Sources

G 312.1      Where to Write for Vital Records:  Births, Deaths, Marriages, & Divorces

R 929        Southern Cousins

R 929        Directory of Scottish America, 1625-1825

G 929        Researchers Guide to American Genealogy

G 929        Families Remembered

G 016.929    Genealogical and Local History Books in Print

G 016.92     American and British Genealogy and Heraldry

G 929.2      Kinfolks

G 929        Slave Genealogy:  A Research Guide With Case Studies 

G 929.2      Vital Records Handbook

G 929.1      Finding Our Fathers:  A Guidebook to Jewish Genealogy

G 929        Quaker Marriage Certificates

G 929        Guide to Genealogical Records in the National Archives

G 929.1      Source:  A Guidebook of American Genealogy

R 317        Hereditary Register of the United States of America, 1972

Guides to South Carolina Genealogy

G 929        The Genealogist's Guide to Charleston County

R 929.1      Hunting Your Ancestors in South Carolina:  A Guide for Amatuer Genealogists

R 929.1      A Brief Guide to South Carolina Genealogical Research and Records

R 016.9757   Local and Family History in South Carolina:  A Bibliography

R 010        Research Materials in South Carolina

R 016.9795   South Carolina Bibliographies, No. 2

             Guide to the Study and Reading of South Carolina History:  A General Classified Bibliography

G 026        Genealogical Research and Resources:  A guide for Labrary Use

R 975.7      Names In South Carolina. 3 volumes

R 975.7      South Carolina Genealogies. 5 volumes

R 975.7      Collections of the South Carolina Historical Society. 5 volumes

R 975.7      South Carolina Historical Magazine

R 283.757    All Saints' Church, Waccamaw, 1739-1948

R 223.757    Minutes of the Vestry:  St. Bartholomew's Parish, 1822-1840

R 283.757    Epitaphs from St. Michael's, Charleston, South Carolina

R 283        The Hugunots of Colonial South Carolina

R 285.1757   History of the Presbyterian Church in South Carolina Since 1850.  Indexed.

R 286.1757   History of Bethel Prebyterian Church, Walterboro, South Carolina

R 287        History of South Carolina Methodism

R 296        The Jews in South Carolina

R 301.4      The Register Book for the Parish Prince Frederick Wineyaw.  Dated 1713 AD

R 369.12     Register of the National Society of Colonial Dames of America in the State of South Carolina. (1945)

R 929.3      Register of St. Philips Parish, 1720-1758

R 929.3      Minutes of the Vestry of St. Helema's Parish, South Carolina, 1726-1812
R 929.3      Protestant Immigrants to South Carolina, 1763-1773

R 929.3757   Summer Migrations of Lowcountry Planters

R 917.57     Plantation Notes:  St. Bartholomew's Parish

R 929        First Settlers of South Carolina

R 929.3757   Historical Papers of the Trinity College Historical Society:

             Summer Migrations and Resorts of Low-Country Planters

R 920        Lost Links

R            Ancestral Key to the Pee Dee

R 317        South Carolina DAR Bible Records

R 317        DAR Patriot Index, Vol. 1 & Vol. 2

R 975.7      Membership Roster and Ancestral Index 1954-1986, South Carolina Society, DAR

R 929.2      Seventeenth Century Colonial Ancestors of Members of the National Society Colonial Dames XVII Century, 1915-1975

R 292.2      Meet Your Grandfather

R 975.7      Historical Atlas of the Rice Plantations of the ACE River Basin, 1860

Family Histories

G 975.7      GLOVER Cousins

G 920        CALHOUN, HAMILTON, BASKIN & Related Families

G 929        Standing in the Doorway of a Day Long Ago

             (History of Some Families):  ANDERSON, BERRY, DEW, HAMPTON, WEATHERFORD, WISE

G 929        SINEATH Family

             Jacob Simon LINDER of Colleton County, South Carolina

             A Lowcountry BOWERS/NETTLES Family

             The BRELAND Families of the Southern States

             A Glimpse of BRELAND History Yesterday and Today

             A Walk Through History With the BRELANDs, 1579-1989

             A Glimpse of ULMER History Yesterday and Today

             COLSON Family History, 1630-1890

             The David and Elizabeth SHULER DANTZLER Family

             Neal McLEOD, Emigrant from the Isle of Skye, Scotland, 1774-1961, His Genealogy

             Thomas BEGAT:  One Year, My Life, January 1, 1866 - December 31, 1866

             The BISHOP Family, 1785-1985

             LANGDALEs of Colleton County, 1990. Revised

             The HARRINGTONs of Eastern South Carolina

             The WITSELLs of South Carolina

             The FISHBURNE Family of South Carolina

             The LADSON Family of South Carolina

             MOORE Family, 1648-1976

             The Family of James Wilson MILEY and Elizabeth (Betsy) GARRIS Miley
             The Life and Descendants of James GOODWIN, 1795-1870

             The Descendants of John Samuel GRAVES and Ann Matilda DEWITT

             Descendants of James GOODWIN, 1795 in St. Bartolomew Parish, South Carolina

             GOODWIN Negroes

             Waddel's Marriages

             Two Great-Grands

             The PINCKNEYs of Ashepoo:  Their Story

             POINGDESTRE-POINDEXTER: A Norman Family

             South Carolina GATCHes and Their Families

             Madison SMITH Family Letters. 1860 - 1868

             WILLIFORD and Allied Families:  Being a Collection of Southern Genealogies

             The George Jacob PRICE Family

             The DUNNAMS of South Carolina

             The Ancestors and Descendants of John WHITE and Sarah Elizabeth GREEN with Allied Families

Local History

R 975.7      Colleton County, SC:  A History of the First 160 Years, 1670-1830 (Bryan)

R 975.7      Bachelor Hill

             Smokes X Roads

             Walterboro:  People and Places Before 1900

             Narratives of Colleton County (Glover)

             Backward Glances

             Winged Seed

             Tribute To Yesterday

             Little Pieces and Doings in the Nineties

             Colleton County:  A Pictorial History


The library retains some Walterboro City directories and telephone books for years beginning 1948-.


Births reported in the Press and Standard, 1930-1940


R 312.5     South Carolina Marriages, 1688-1799

            South Carolina Marriages, 1800-1820

R 929       Marriage and Death Notices from Baptist Newspapers of South Carolina, 1835-1865

R 929       Marriage and Death Notices from Upper South Carolina newspapers, 1843-1865

R 929.3757  Marriage Notices in Charleston Courier, 1803-1808

R 929.3757  Marriage Notices in South Carolina and American General Gazette and Royal Gazette

            Marriages Reported in the Press & Standard, 1930-1940


             Deaths reported in the Press & Standard, 1930-1940
R 929        Marriage and Death Notices from Baptist Newspapers of South Carolina, 1835-1865

R 929.3757   Marriage and Death Notices from Upper South Carolina Newspapers, 1843-1865

R 929.3757   Death Notices in the South Carolina Gazette, 1733-1711

             Death Notices in the South Carolina Gazette, 1732-1775

Cemetery Records

R 929.5      Cemetaries of Upper Colleton County, South Carolina (Bryan)

R 929.5      In Memory of:  Inscriptions from Early Cemeteries

R 929.5      Graniteville Cemetery:  Graniteville, Aiken County, SC

R 929.5      Cemetery Inscriptions of Colleton and Orangeburg Counties

R 929.5      Cemetery Inscriptions of Dorchester County, South Carolina


R 929        Abstracts of Wills of the State of South Carolina

R 929.3757   Index to Wills of Charleston County, South Carolina, 1671-1868

Land and Tax Records

R 336.13     Warrants for Land in South Carolina. 3 vols

R 929        South Carolina Deed Abstracts.  5 vols

R 973.3457   Accounts Audited of Revolutionary Claims Against South Carolina

R 929.3757   Revolutionary Claims in South Carolina

R 929.3757   Index to the Deeds of the Province and State of South Carolina, 1719-1785 and Charleston District, 1785-1800

Military Records

R 975.707    Official Roster of South Carolina Soldiers, Sailors & Marines, World War

R 975.707    Official Roster of South Carolina Servicemen and Servicewomen, World War II

R 364.4      The South Carolina Regulators

R 369.12     South Carolina Division, Sons of Confederate Veterans:  a Brief History, 1894-?

R 973.73     War of Rebellion:  Official Records of the Union & Confederate Armies:  General Index

R 369.1861   American Legion in South Carolina

R 973.3      South Carolina Patriots in the American Revolution

R 973.7      Roll of the Dead:  South Carolina Troops:  Confederate States

R 975.7      A Sketch of the War Record of the Edisto Rifles, 1861-1865

R 973.7457   South Carolina Troops in Confederate Service

R 920        South Carolinians in the Revolution

G 929.3757   Copy of the Original Index Book Showing the Revolutionary Claims Filed on South Carolina Between August 20, 1783-August 31, 1786

R 973.3457   Accounts Audited of Revolutionary Claims Against South Carolina

R 975.703    Stub Entries to Indents Issued in Payment of Claims Against South Carolina Growing Out of the Revolution

Genealogy Resources on Microfilm

Last modified: 9 Aug 1998

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