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Colleton County
Genealogy Mailing List
The Colleton County genealogy mailing list is hosted by RootsWeb Genealogical Cooperative.  There are subscribers from all over the country and other parts of the world.  It is just another way of sharing information and making contacts.

You can search  list messages, archived by month and year, by going to this address.  You'll need to create a password for yourself, but there is no charge for using this feature. http://archiver.rootsweb.com/SCCOLLET-L/

You can search all list messages by going here and typing in SCCOLLET-L .

You have two options.  If you subscribe to the List  "L" mode, you will receive an individual e-mail message for every post to the list.  A benefit in the list mode is that you can save individual list messages that are of importance to you.

If you subscribe to the Digest "D"mode, you'll receive the list messages at the end of the day as one e-mail.  To save an individual message, you have to cut and paste, but it does cut down on mail.

You can always change your subscription by unsubscribing to one mode and subscribing to the other.

Please Note:   Your messages will be archived and are available for viewing by the general public.  The list administrator does not have the ability to remove your message after it is posted, so be careful not to publish any personal information on the list, such as your mailing address and phone number.  Likewise, be careful not to post copyrighted material unless you have written consent from the copyright holder.

The RootsWeb list filters will not accept the following:

*HTML coding.  If you cut and paste from a web page,  or if you have a fancy page design or font, it will not be forwarded to the list.

*Attachments.  Some mailing lists accept attachments, but RootsWeb's lists do not.  If you attempt to send a list message with a text, html, or image file attached, your message will not be forwarded to the list.

* Spam.  Advertisements sent in bulk will be detected as spam and will not be forwarded.

*Viruses.  Viruses will be detected and will not be forwarded to the list.

Before subscribing, be sure to turn off any signature file you may have in your e-mail preferences.  Your preference should be set on plain text.  Please don't include any message, other than the automatic "subscribe" message that will appear, as the RootsWeb computer will not recognize it as a request.  Just click on the option you prefer and hit "send."  The computer will do the rest!
Note to AOL USERS: 

Since AOL's new version was introduced, it seems that there have been intermittent problems with AOL rejecting RootsWeb mailing list messages for periods of 24-48 hours at a time. 

This has not been a chronic problem for the Colleton County list, but as of 1-29-04, list messages have been bouncing for over 24 hours. 

Unfortunately,  4 bounced messages will cause AOL subscribers to be automatically unsubscribed.  If you are a subscriber, you may need to resubscribe after this glitch is resolved.  If you are an AOL user, you may have to wait to subscribe to the list.

You need to send your message to:   SCCOLLET-L-request@rootsweb.com.
 In the BODY of the message, enter only the word:         subscribe
 Hit "SEND".

You should receive a welcome message from the list.  After that,  you can start posting to  the list!  Welcome!

If you change e-mail addresses in the future,  it's good to unsubscribe from all your mailing list subscriptions PRIOR TO the change.  However,  if your old mailbox is disabled, bounced messages to that address will cause your old address to be unsubscribed.  You need to resubscribe with your new address (the list administrator will not do manual subscribes).  If your surnames are registered with your old e-mail address, please be sure to notify me of the change.

If you're new to all this, please read about
E-Mail and Internet Etiquette,  Security, and Viruses