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Colleton County - S. C. Ry
Is only a railroad station, 26 miles north of Charleston.

Griffin M V, timber
Miller C G, genl mdse
Stultz R B, genl mdse
Welch & Altman, genl mdse

T Altman
John Ballentine
J T Browning
T S Browning
W T Browning
A T Burbage
J W Burbage
J H Felder
W C Gelzer
Mac Griffin
Wm Griffin
Jas Harvey
T C Harvey
Samuel Haynes
G P Hodge
R E Mellard
J J Murray
W T Percy
J T Smith
Wm Smith
T V Stokes
R R Stubbs
David Winningham


Colleton County - C & S Ry

This place is distant from Charleston 32 miles, and 30 from Walterboro, the county seat.

Beaty J H, genl mdse and naval stores
Beatty L G, genl mdse
Cantwell J M, attorney at law
Clayton M S, genl mdse
Cummings J N, genl mdse
Edisto Lumber Co, saw mill
Jeffers Wm, genl mdse
Kingman Bros, genl mdse
Mood A H, genl mdse
Moore S C, genl mdse
Moseley Norman, saw mill
Muckenfuss B W, genl mdseMuckenfuss G L, genl mdse and naval stores
Murray J & Co, drugs
Owens L G, saw mill
Owens R, genl mdse
Quackenbush & Co, saw mill
Thrower D E & Bro, genl mdse
Varnadoe Bros, genl mdse
Way W B, genl mdse

Berkeley County

Summerville is about 22 miles from Charleston, on line of the South Carolina Railway and in the midst of the pine woods.  It is situated on a ridge which extends across from the Cooper to the Ashley River, and which is remarkable for its healthfulness.  The climate is very agreeable;  in the winter being out of the influence of the ast winds, which frequently previal on the coast the temperature is mild and equable, and
in summer, though the days are warm, a delicious coolness pervades the atmosphere at night, which ensures refreshing sleep.  From these causes it is particularly beneficial to invalids or persons convalescing from illness.  The village had been settled a very long time, but like most places of the kind, has grown slowly.  It has now, however, reached quite a respectable size.  The houses are built far apart, so that each one is perfectluy private and like a country residence.

The many advantages which Summerville possesses are being rapidly realized, and each year the population is increasing.  There are several excellent boarding houses, which are generally full, and a fine hotel - the Dorchester - is now in course of erection, which, when complketed, will be equal in elegance to any in this country.  Churches of all the religious denominations, good schools and a well supplied market, furnish all the requisites for comfortable and pleasant living, and many families induced by these advantages, and by the cheapness of house rents, are taking up their residence there.  As the South Carolina Railway runs special trains fo rthe accommodation of the residents, it is perfectly convenient for buisness men who find it a great relief, after the fatigues of a day in the city to retreat to the quiet of Summerville.

The country around abounds with game, and the Summervillemen have always been renowned as hunters, and, although situated, as we have said, in a pine barren, there are many pretty walks and drives about the village, and on the banks of the Ashley, about four miles off, some spots of great beauty.  Population of Summerville is about 4,000.

Aldert & Quackenbush, grocers
Baptist Church
Bethany M E Church
Borger, Jacob J, genl mdse
Boyle Charles, lawyer
Brailsford Wm M, physician
Brownfield Academy, Miss M Brownfield prin
Canneville & Weston, A J Caneville and A Weston, wheelwrights and blksmiths
Carn G L, genl mdse and saw mill
Chisolm Laurence N, phos miner
Dehon W R, real estate
Episcopal Mission Church
Farmer D R c, tailor
Fishburne Julian, propr Fishburne Phos Wks
Gadsden John, prin Summerville High School
Groverman H J W, genl mdse
Guerin Henry C, physician and druggist
Hicks James H c, shoemkr
Hoffman Francis W c, livery stables
Hughes Samuel, manager, Chas Iron Works
Hutchinson M Edward, lawyer
Ilderton Flynn B, physician
Ilderton Flynn B, physician
Ilderton Robert, physician
Kornahrens John A, grocer
Limehouse Robt I, trial justice
Lowry W J, dry goods, groceries
McLaughlin Mike, dry goods
Maree D M & Co, jewelers
Mensing C, genl mdse
Mensing Henry A H , pool room, saloon, & c
Meyer John A, grocer, Fishburne's phos works
Oliver, A, livery
Presbyterian Church
Prioleau Samuel, physician and drugs
Summerville Creosoting Works
Summerville Herald
Sweeney Robt H, stationery, fruits &c
Taylor A W & Co, Adam W Taylor and Thaddeus W. Standand,  lumber, brick and building material
Town Hall, Meeting cor Taylor
Tupper George, real estate, insurance agent and general broker
Walker R M, genl mdse
White Christopher G, physician
Wise T Y, jeweler
Yates Wm J, mjerchant
Zeigler John A, genl mdse

Farmers -
Jos H Blodgett
Lionel C. Boyle
S J Brownlee
T S Browning
Wm T Browning
J M Calvert
Geo Cannon
Wm F Cone
L J Donnelly
Robert Droze
J E Easterling
Frank Gelzer c
Andrew D Green
STephen Herron
Dr Robt Ilderston
H A Jamison
E P Knight
E R Knight
Jas D Knight
Rufus KLnight
M M Limehouse
Robert J Limehouse
Edward Lotz
D McDougal
J E Mellard
J H Nettles
J R Nettles
Jas Nobles
J R Nobles
E D Patrick
Geo Patrick
L C Riggs
P J Rumph
J H Schwacke
John Selby
Thos W Selby
Wm J Sineath
W J Stall
D F Stephens
D Sweat
Robert S Sullivan
J A Tucker
T C Westcoat
J R Woodberry
H M Sweat

Colleton County

Is an interesting little place of 500 inhabitants, situated on the South Carolina Railway, 48 miles from Charleston, 82 miles from Columbia, and 20 miles from Walterboro, the county seat.  It has one Methodist church and one fine graded school, Western Union Telegraph and Southern Express offices.  Enjoys two daily mails.

Appleby & Co, genl mdse
Brownlee W S, genl mdse
Carmaday D S & E J, genl mdse
Coleman Chas, genl mdse
Conner M C, lawyer and agt Royal Ins Co
Connor W D, genl mdse and R R wood contractor
Dukes & Bros, M W and D D Dukes, wheelwrights
Dukes J A & Co, J A Dukes and G Murray, genl mdse
Felder R R, livery
Gaskins W D, genl mdse
George's Graded Institute, for male and female
Goodall S B, genl mdse
Horne Mrs D M, genl mdse
Kenyon Miss M & Co, millinery
Kizer & Way, P A Kizer and G E Way, cotton gin house and press
Klauber L A, genl mdse and R R cross tie contractor
Korber  R B, genl mdse
Mellard J P, physician
Minus J P, W S Minus & Bro, physician
Minus W S & Bro, W S and J P Minus, genl mdse and drugs
Moorer P L & Co, P L Moorer and W J Murray, genl mdse, physicians and drugs
Risher P W, grist mill
Selleck S L, genl mdse
Shieder T B & Co, genl mdse
Stokes J R & Co, genl mdse
Stokes & Smith, naval stores
Utsey I S Mrs, milliner
Way W T, genl mdse
Weeks R F, genl mdse

Henry Ackerman
F V Appleby
G S Cannady
W Dukes
G M Dukes
D D Dukes
O B  Dukes
J W Farrey
R F Felder
W D Gaskins
E M Garris
J L Gavin
B J Howell
W B Harley
J A Hutto
D R Hutto
D W M Hutto
O A Dudy
R B Kager
B F King
D F Moorer
J P Minus
J S Murray
E Murray
S J McCay
J J Parker
L E Parker
J H Patrick
G W Peters
J D C Pendarvis
J C Rigby
W M Shuler
J G Shiulder
M C Smith
J R Stokes
W E Stokes
L D Smith
W D Thomas
Rev J M Weekes
L M Westbury
J S Wimberly
N L Wimberly
J C Werner
W J K Westbury


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