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Dorchester County, South Carolina Cemeteries


Compiled by Lillian H. Harley, Pattie W. Heaton, Lillian D. Kizer


Location: Traveling northwest on S-18-28, pass Bethel Church and two or more miles turn west on dirt road near a branch for a short distance. The cemetery is on a hill with a field and a stream almost surrounding it. It is fenced with large trees, and the large old Bowman Home was near in the early days.

Copyists: Dorothy G. Pendarvis, Catherine "Dol" I. Hughes, Sybil H. Pate, Louise T. Bishop, Evelyn H. Hughes, Pattie H. Heaton, Lillian H. Harley. Shown by Mrs. Louise T. Bishop.

Date: February 14, 1979

A BRIEF HISTORY With Important Genealogy The oldest remaining tombstone in the Bowman Graveyard is that of the donor, John David W. Bowman, born July 22, 1802, died Oct. 8, 1869, who was married to Rachel Elizabeth (Canaday) Bowman. He was the son of Daniel Bowman and his wife Martha (West) Bowman. Daniel was the son of George Bowman and his wife of Orangeburg District. George was the son of Jacob Bowman, Sr. and Barbara Bowman who immigrated to America from Germany and settled in Orangeburg District in 1735, according to the genealogical records of Dorothy Bowman Moorer and the late Annie Dash Moorer.

In 1932 there were a few broken scattered, unintelligible markers in the Bowman Graveyard, causing us to believe there may be some unmarked graves. Seven of the ten children of the donor, John David W. Bowman, and his wife Rachel Elizabeth (Canaday) Bowman are buried here, along with some of their families. The children were: George, Elizabeth, David Wesley, Henry Washington, John, Mary, and William, the last being our grandfather. Daniel was killed in the War between the States and may be buried in an unmarked grave here. Bertie Bowman Way and Barney Felder, grandchildren of the donor, have been the unofficial trustees of this cemetery. It has a chain-link fence and beautiful setting against the tall pines.

There is a Colleton County Transcript Deed recorded in Deed Book 4, at page 497, in Dorchester County Clerk of Court's records, abstracted as follows: J. H. Means, Governor - To - J. D. W. Bowman - Grant to R. E. State of S.C. ..."That in pursuance of an Act of the Legislature entitled An Act for establishing the made Granting the Lands now vacant in this State and for allowing a communtation to be received for some Lands that have been granted". . .Passed the 19th of February 1791. We have granted and by these presents do grant unto J. D. W. Bowman . . . A Plantation or tract of land containing 387 acres, . . . surveyed 1 April 1852. Situated in Colleton District in St. Georges Parish on Four Hole Swamp. [Reference made to the Plat recorded in Colleton County Transcripts 1897 to Dorchester County, Deed Book 4, page 497.] (Signed) His Excellency J. H. Means, Governor and Commander in Chief . . . 1st November 1852. We are of the opinion that the early Bowman home and Graveyard was situated on this plantation or tract of land. Dorothy Bowman Moorer and Emily Moorer Reeves

Annie W. Bowman
Apr. 15, 1845
May 20, 1925
Wife of H. W. Bowman

Dan J. Bowman
Mar. 18, 1888
July 3, 1946

David W. Bowman
July 13, 1831
Oct. 27, 1913

George L.  - Son of
D. W. & S. M. Bowman
Sept. 30, 1874
Oct. 1, 1889

Dr. G. L. Bowman
Jan. 25, 1825
Nov. 11, 1889

H. W. Bowman
Mar. 4, 1838
June 4, 1912

D. W. & Sara M. G. A. Bowman
(no dates)

John D. Bowman
Jan. 19, 1842
May 26, 1905

John D. W. Bowman
July 22, 1802
Oct. 8, 1869

Mary C. Bowman
May 28, 1852
Feb. 10, 1932

Rachel Bowman
Dec. 23, 1805
May 3, 1881

Sarah M. G. A.  -  Wife of
D. W. Bowman
June 20, 1837
July 26, 1877
W. J.  -  Son of
W. T. & M. C. Bowman
May 22, 1885
Dec. 12, 1898

William T. Bowman
May 13, 1846
Aug. 30, 1915
Ellen Stroble Eagerton
Jan. 16, 1884
June 23, 1924 (broken)

Eugene  -  Son of
H. B. & Susie Felder (nd)

Fred Adron Felder  -  Son of 
R. F. & M. M. Felder
April 25, 1878
Jan. 20, 1914

Henry B. Felder
1870  -  1917

John B. Felder
Oct. 29, 1875
May 23, 1932

Laura A.  -  Dau of
R. F. & M. A. Felder
June 12, 1886
August 1, 1889

Mary M. Felder  -  Wife of
R. E. Felder
Dec. 27, 1843
Feb'y 17, 1918

Rufus Felder
Born 1843
Oct. 10, 1927

Effie M.  -  Dau of F. & M. M.
Felder  -  Wife of W. D. Myers
Oct. 28, 1882
Nov. 14, 1907

Sarah M. W.  -  Wife of
Abraham Nettles
Oct. 8, 1856
June 6, 1874

Infant of W. T. & R. Pearcy (nd)

Beulah R. Schulken
June 30, 1880
Nov. 4, 1947
Wife of Wm. F. Schulken
William L. Schulken
May 10, 1885

J. R. Strobel
Mar. 1832
Dec. 1884

Mary E. Strobel  -  Wife of
J. R. Strobel
June 15, 1843
Mar. 17, 1907

Rebecca D. Stroble
Sept. 24, 1842           
July 25, 1881 
She joined the M.E.C. South when
quite young, and was faithful 
to the end. She was a great sufferer,
but in all her suffering she realized
the presence of her Savior.

W. Stroble
Aug. 21, 1875
Age 61 yrs. 6 mos. 21 days.
Was a member of the Methodist 
Episcopal Church.

Bertie Bowman Way
Sept. 25, 1891
April 3, 1967
Wife of David Mouzon Way

David Mouzon Way
Aug. 21, 1886
Dec. 16, 1952

Thelma Way
Jan. 15, 1927
Aug. 29, 1944

Elizabeth, Wife of 
Joel Wimberly & dau. of
John D. W. & E. Bowman
Feb. 4, 1840
Oct. 6, 1874



1979 Lillian H. Harley, Pattie W. Heaton, Lillian D. Kizer

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