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Dorchester County, South Carolina Cemeteries


Buck Springs Cemetery

Photograph above Paulette Johnston
Updated Directions by Paulette Johnston


Compiled by Lillian H. Harley, Pattie W. Heaton, Lillian D. Kizer
Location: Two and one-half miles North of St. George, SC, East of US 15, on Buck Springs Branch, and containing approximately one-quarter acre of land, bounded on all sides by Pearcy lands.

History: The oldest known grave in the cemetery is the one of John Gavin who died April 10, 1838. The last person buried there was Mrs. Ida William Gavin Harper, wife of Holcombe Hamilton Harper, who died December 17, 1933. Three graves have only wooden slabs with no inscriptions. Several gravestones have been embedded in cement covering the area of the family plots. Holcombe H. Blume and F. D. (Sonny) McMurray were the first to attempt restoration of this cemetery which had become a veritable forest of fallen trees, vines, and underbrush covering the entire area. However, more help was needed. Primarily through the initiative of William S. Rickborn the necessary labor for this task was procured. He also assisted personally in the removal of the resultant debris which required a great deal of time. To date, financial contributions toward the restoration of our cemetery have been made by a few of the descendents of Harpers and Gavins. Additional funds are needed annually for beautification and maintenance. Marguerite B. Rickborn.

Dr. J. Gavin Appleby states that the Hughes were owners of this plantation before the Gavins, then Harpers. Also, that Ann Hughes married John Gavin.

"BUCK SPRINGS derived it's name from the fact that an exceptionally large buck was accustomed to go there for water," quoted from a legend of the history of Marguerite Blume Rickborn, a direct descendent of Capt. Leonidas Adolphus Harper, born in Elberton, Georgia, a former owner of the Buck Springs Plantation. A beautiful job of restoration promoted by William S. and Marguerite Blume Rickborn, with donations from some of the descendents of those buried there, is evidence of much hard work and cost. They plan to maintain this perservation. Mrs. Georgia Inabinet Adams Lefvendahl, in THE INABINET FAMILY OF SOUTH CAROLINA, Vol. III, published November 1970, p. 23, makes reference: "Described in 1850 as 'Hughes Family graveyard on Buck Spring Plantation on waters of Indian Field Swamp' . . . later known as the 'Harper' graveyard, because a Mr. L. A. Harper of Georgia, bought the plantation in the 1860's . . . Trees have grown to enormous size . . . obscured, . . . rattlesnake infested area . . .And so is lost to us another source of records from long ago." As is known by all those researching early family histories, a ditch was dug around the early cemeteries. Buck Springs Cemetery ditch was cleared by restorers and remains distinctly on three sides and partly on fourth. This Cemetery as well as many others in our county is truly a historical landmark. lhh
Copyists: Wilbur & Louise Canaday, Pattie W. Heaton, Lillian H. Harley.

Date: January 23, 1977.

Buck Springs Cemetery Indian Field

Photograph above and tombstone photos linked from this site  2000 by Judy Ballard

(no inscriptions)

Mrs. Ann Gavin
Wife of John Gavin
died 26 Nov. 1839
Aged about 54 years.

David Gavin
November 11, 1811
January 17, 1874
Aged 62 yrs. 2 mos. 6 days

David Averly  -  Son of
William & Martha Gavin
March 3, 1857
August 20, 1858

Ida Julia  -  Dau of
John & Mary Gavin
Oct. 15, 1853
June 30, 1854

Ida William Gavin
Feb. 17, 1862
Dec. 17, 1933
(w. of Holcombe Hamilton

John Gavin
Died 10 April 1838
Aged 58 yrs. 6 mos. 15 days

John Gavin  -  Son of
John & Ann Gavin
Nov. 12, 1820
Mar. 6, 1858

J. M.
(footstone only)

Leonora Elmira Suzanne
Dau of D. L. & Eve Ann M.
Feb. 6, 1847
Sept. 13, 1849

George Sistrunk  -  Son of
D. L. & Eve Ann M.
Nov. 7, 1851
June 26, 1858

Samuel Arthur  -  Son of
D. L. & Eve Ann McAlhaney
March 3, 1868
March 18, 1874

Absolem Morrer Murray 
Son of Thos. J. & Eliza D. F.
Sept. 13, 1861
Sept. 1, 1863

Cornelia Jane  -  Dau of
Dr. William & Elizabeth
Margaret Murray
Oct. 25, 1847
July 31, 1849
Wm. Gavin, M.D.  -  Son
of John & Ann Gavin
July 5, 1829
Nov. 2, 1861

Mary Elizabeth  - (w. of
Seaborn B. Goodall)
Dau of Dr. William &
Elizabeth Margaret
Aug. 9, 1845
Jan. 15, 1912

Seaborn B. Goodall
1834  -  Sept. 1899

Minnie Harper Green
Oct. 2, 1861
May 7, 1892

Elizabeth C. Harper
Jan. 9, 1841
Feb. 14, 1916

Elizabeth Pearl Harper
Aug. 1, 1873
Jan. 10, 1922

Holcombe H. Harper
Jan. 15, 1860
Oct. 8, 1906

Son of H. H. & I. W.
Feb. 2, 1896
Oct. 24, 1899

Capt. Leonidas Adolphus
born at Elberton, Ga.
Oct. 13, 1833
Mar. 9, 1899

David Daniel  -  Son of
Dr. William & Elizabeth
Margaret Murray
Nov. 23, 1839
Nov. 9, 1840

D (P). M. & E. L. Murray
May 3, 1882
May 3, 1882

Elizabeth Margaret Murray
May 28, 1815
Dec. 31, 1859
(w. of Dr. William Murray)

John Summerfield  -  Son of
Dr. William & Elizabeth
Margaret Murray
Mar. 2, 1850
Mrs. 14, 1850

Joseph D. Murray
Nov. 19, 1853
March 20, 1876

Sarah Caroline Postelle
Dau of Dr. William &
Elizabeth Margaret Murray
May 21, 1836
Nov. 2, 1840

Leonidas A. Harper  -  Son
of L. A. & Elizabeth C.
Aug. 1, 1864
Aug. 4, 1867

Marshal D. Harper  -  Son
of L. A. & Elizabeth C.
Nov. 23, 1865
Sept. 28, 1866

Mattie Mae (Harper)
Sept. 26, 1876
July 19, 1905

Anna Carolina  -  Dau of
D. L. & Eve Ann M.
Feb. 19, 1849
Aug. 23, 1855

Daniel Linder McAlhany
Sept. 5, 1822
Jan. 14, 1904

David Washington  -  Son of
D. L. & Eve Ann M.
Aug. 25, 1854
Nov. 9, 1856

2 _________
Jan. 15, 1897

Eve Ann Mary McAlhaney
Wife of D. L. McAlhaney
Feb. 6, 1827
April 5, 1890

Thomas Jefferson Murray
April 5, 1832
Aug. 7, 1862

Dr. William Murray
9th Jany 1808
11 Jany 1851

Willie O'Brien
Aug. 6, 1852
Sept. 8. 1868

INFANT SON of Samuel
O. & Sophia O. Sistrunk
Died July 11, 1860
Aged 1 yr. 8 mo.

T. J. Sistrunk
1823  -  1868

Mrs. A. E. Strobel
Wife of Dr. John E. Strobell
October 21, 1841
Oct. 18, 1870

1. Legend related by Marguerite B. Rickborn: One of the graves in the cemetery with a cypress marker (now rotting away) contains a metal tag with the name of Willie O'Brien who died September 8, 1868. The tale is that he wandered by Buck Springs Plantation, which was across the road from the cemetery, and simply made his home there.

Every evening he would go and sit in the cemetery. When he died he was buried there as no one knew where his home originally was. The young man was only sixteen years of age, no doubt a tragedy of the Civil War years which wreaked such destruction on homes and land throughout the South.

1979 Lillian H. Harley, Pattie W. Heaton, Lillian D. Kizer

Miriam M. Bradford
8/28/1952  11/23/2003
A Good Person

Miriam Bradford

Update for Buck Springs Cemetery
Added by Paulette Johnston, August 2008

Miriam was an avid genealogist and made a great contribution to documenting and preserving her family heritage.  She really was, and is, a good person.

Cemetery Sign
Photo above Paulette Johnston

UPDATED DIRECTIONS:  Take highway 15 north out of Saint George Dorchester County South  Carolina.Go down about 3 miles on the right you will see a yellow gate an a big open area this area at one time was the old saw mill go  another block or so and you will see another yellow gate.Look out to left of that gate the cemetery is in the woods.Need the owner of the property to take you or get permission from him.Both gates are locked

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