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Dorchester County, South Carolina  Cemeteries


African American

Take Highway 78 N.E. out of  Saint George,  Dorchester County,  South Carolina. When you get to the town of Reevesville take a left at the caution light. Cross over rail road tracks Take a
left.  Go one block.  Take a right on Whetsell Street.  Go to the cross roads.  That will be Maple Branch Road.   Take a right. The church and cemetery will be about three miles on your right.

Britt, K. J.
b. 1938 d. 2000    

Britt, Linda Sue
b. Sep. 13, 1954 d. Feb. 5, 2004    

Cobbs, Wilma S.
b. unknown d. unknown
Marker has sunk into ground, unable to read dates   

Daily, Louise
b. 1925 d. 1992    

Delee, Addie
b. 1923 d. 1978    

Delee, Eartha
b. 1945 d. 1999    

Delee, Eliott Ruster
b. 1928 d. 2004    

Edwards, Perthal
b. Dec. 7 d. Dec. 16
 Year of birth and death have faded from marker.   

Griffen, Unknown
b. Aug. 27, 1907 d. Dec. 10, 1986
Wife of M.G. Griffen

Joel, James P.
b. Aug., 1920 d. Nov. 12, 1968
Pennsylvania PFC Port Co. World War II   

Kelly, Prinnie D.
b. Nov. 18, 1905 d. Jun. 20, 1960    

Ladson, John
b. 1937 d. 2007    

Ladson, Rosebud
b. Oct. 23, 1911 d. Mar. 10, 1968
Ladson, Walter
b. Feb. 26, 1909 d. Mar. 11, 1968

Mays, Joseph
b. Oct. 27, 1911 d. Mar. 9, 1973
South Carolina, USA
Murray, Ellis D.
b. 1912 d. 1995    

Ott, Ellen Fredrick
b. Feb. 15, 1903 d. Mar. 5, 1999
Wife of Manze Curtis Ott   

Ott, Manze Curtis
b. Jan. 12, 1902 d. Oct. 12, 1989
Husband of Ellen Fredrick Ott   

Parker, William
b. 1914 d. 1956    

Powell, Flossie S.
b. May 31, 1931 d. May 22, 1998    

Reeves, Timothy
b. 1955 d. 1990    

Reeves, Unknown
b. unknown d. 2000    

Rhett, Alfred, Jr
b. Dec. 10, 1903 d. Mar. 6, 1933
Son of A.P. & M.I. Rhett   

Rhett, Fred
b. Jul. 15, 1909 d. Dec. 10, 1972
Son of A. & M.B. Rhett   

Rhett, Mae C.
b. Jan. 18, 1913 d. Sep. 12, 1946
Gone But Not Forgotten   

Risher, Albert Lee
b. Sep. 6, 1907 d. Jan. 26, 2004

Stevens, William
b. unknown d. unknown
Part of inscription is not visible

Steward, Missouer
b. unknown d. May 15, 1905    
Dau of Henry and Lette Steward
age 18 yrs. Faithful to her trust
even unto death

Steward, Nevia
b. unknown d. unknown
 Dau. of Henry & Lettie Stewart   

Stewart, Rev Daniel
b. 1865 d. 1953    

Stewart, Frances D.
b. 1885 d. unknown
Wife of Rev. Daniel Stewart   

Stewart, Frances O.
b. Sep. 17, 1874 d. unknown    
Wife of Rev. M.O. Stewart

Stewart, Freddie
b. Jan. 6, 1908 d. Jun. 2, 1960

Stewart, Henry
b. 1850 d. 1922
We Will Meet Again   

Stewart, Rev Lee Roy
b. Feb. 10, 1907 d. Dec. 13, 1969
In My Fathers House Are Many Mansions   

Stewart, Rev M. O.
b. Jun. 8, 1876 d. Feb. 8, 1942
Husband of Frances O. Stewart   

Stewart, Marion M.A.
b. unknown d. 1995
Stewart , Unknown
b. unknown d. unknown
Inscription: Wife
Marker is in poor condition and difficult to read   

Summers, James
b. Feb. 11, 1928 d. Jul. 15, 1988
Summers, Shillie
b. Dec. 18, 1904 d. Jun. 2, 1978    

Unknown, Sarah
b. Oct. 12, 1886 d. 1945
Last three letters of surname ends in "ard" Unable to read full surname due to poor condition of stone

Unknown, Unknown
b. unknown d. unknown
Letters and numbers missing off of Marker
Unknown, Unknown
b. unknown d. unknown
Stone Is Old On Information on it.   

Unknown, Unknown
b. unknown d. unknown
All of lettering is no longer visible on marker.

Unknown, Unknown
b. 1833 d. 1918
Unable to read Given Name, lettering has faded.

Unknown, Unknown
b. unknown d. unknown
Markings on stone have faded and unable to read   

Unknown, Unknown
b. unknown d. unknown
Unable to read inscription on stone   

Unknown Unknown
b. unknown d. unknown    
Stone broken and in poor condition. Individuals name is missing, unable to read inscription.

Unknown, Unknown
b. unknown d. unknown
Maker is in poor condition. All marking have faded and no longer readable.    

Unknown, Vivian
b. 1829 d. 1892    

Williams, Annabell S.
b. 1925 d. 2000    

Greenville Plaque


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