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Dorchester County, South Carolina

(African American)
Givhans Ferry Road, Ridgeville, SC

 Johnson Cemetery

Directions:  From Ridgeville Travel Wire Road Take A Left On Givhans Ferry Road.The Cemetery Is On The Left.You Can Also Take 61 North Our Of Summerville Take A Right On Givhans Ferry Road The Givhans  Ferry State Park Will Be On  Your Left Travel On This Road A Short Distance The Cemetery Will Be On The Right.  The Mailing Address For This Area Is Ridgeville. Dorchester County S C

Bannister, Josephine
b. Jul. 4, 1900 d. Oct. 17, 1992
Wife Of Sinclair Bannister.   

Bannister, Sinclair
b. Sep. 16, 1894 d. Jul. 22, 1965
Husband Of Josephine Bannister.   

Brown, Inell
b. Sep. 11, 1925 d. Feb. 3, 1988
 Wife Of Isaac Brown   

Brown, Isaac
b. Oct. 8, 1919 d. Oct. 12, 1991
Husband Of Inell Brown.   

Bryant, Rev Andrew
b. 1942 d. 2008    

Cummings, Harvey J.
b. 1925 d. 1972    

Hudson, Georgella Mack
b. Oct. 13, 1936 d. Mar. 21, 2004
Thank God For Giving Us A Good Mother.

Johnson, Deacon Paul
b. Feb. 13, 1913 d. Oct. 21, 1992
Beloved Husband

Johnson, Rosa Lee
b. 1932 d. 1995    

Johnson, Silas
b. Dec. 26, 1913 d. Sep. 31, 1973
South Carolina PFC US ARMY WW II   

Knight, Celesten J.
b. Sep. 30, 1963 d. Feb. 3, 2008    

Mack, Annie Spells
b. Apr. 18, 1904 d. Jun. 21, 2000    

Mack, Berkley
b. Feb. 18, 1900 d. Oct. 9, 1971    

Miller, Harry
b. 1980 d. 2003

Moultrie, Marion Jermaine
b. Jan. 1, 1973 d. ???. 7, 1993
In Gods Care.   

Norris, Harvey
b. 1928 d. 1992    

Palmer, Annie
b. Apr. 29, 1926 d. Jan. 17, 1997
Wife Of Frank Palmer.   

Palmer, Arnold
b. Jul. 4, 1959 d. Aug. 1, 1994    

Palmer, Daryle
b. Jul. 25, 1955 d. Jan. 16, 1986    

Palmer, Frank
b. Apr. 15, 1927 d. May 4, 1999
Husband Of Annie Palmer.   

Palmer, James
b. Jul. 10, 1902 d. Apr. 4, 1990    

Palmer, Matthew
b. May 10, 1924 d. Apr. 22, 1983    

Palmer, Matthew
b. 1958 d. 2005    

Palmer, Willie L.
b. Sep. 17, 1928 d. May 8, 2001    

Plamer, Ethel
b. Sep. 19, 1903 d. Oct. 20, 1965    

Robinson, James
b. unknown d. unknown
No Dates On Marker

Robinson, Telestine
b. 1920 d. 1999    

Spell, Carmelo K.
b. Apr. 11, 1978 d. Mar. 15, 1998


Spell, Frank, Jr
b. Dec. 25, 1925 d. Sep. 20, 1989
A Loving Son.

Spell, Frank, Sr
b. Jul. 26, 1903 d. Jul. 24, 1992    

Spell, George Allen
b. Sep. 29, 1942 d. May 10, 2004    

Spell, Kathy Ann
b. 1961 d. 2008    

Spell, Lula
b. Dec. 25, 1866 d. Jan. 27, 1957
Received a new marker, old marker Inscription
is difficult to read due to age and condition of Marker   

Spell, Mary K.
b. 1866 d. 1930    

Spell, Melvin, Jr
b. Jun. 5, 1956 d. Feb. 13, 2007

Spell, Minn, Jr
b. 1946 d. 1987

Spell, Sammie
b. Jul. 27, 1900 d. Dec. 4, 1978    

Spell, Selesteen
b. Jan. 15, 1913 d. Oct. 18, 1990

Spell, Unknown
b. 1994 d. 2004    

Unknown, Unknown
b. unknown d. unknown
Inscription is unreadable due to
age and condition of marker   

Unknown, Unknown
b. unknown d. unknown
Inscription is unreadable due to age
and condition of marker

Unknown, Unknown
b. unknown d. unknown
Inscription is unreadable due to
age and condition of marker   

Unknown, Unknown
b. unknown d. unknown
Inscription is unreadable due to age
and condition of marker   

Walker, Alfreda Maria
b. Aug. 13, 1969 d. Aug. 13, 1991
We Love You.

Walker, Sylvester
b. Jul. 16, 1950 d. Jul. 2, 1972    

Walker, Willette
b. Oct. 17, 1948 d. Oct. 15, 2007
Blessed Are The Dead Which Die In The Lord.   

Wilson, Danielle
b. unknown d. 2001    

Johnson Cemetery


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