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Magnolia Monument

Located in Reevesville, SC, on Cross Creek Road (Whetsell Street).

Directions:  At the caution light in Reevesville, turn south onto Rigby Street.  Just over the railroad tracks, yield, and turn left onto Church Street.  At the next intersection, bear right onto Cross Creek Road (Whetsell Street).  The cemetery is on the right. The cemetery was founded by John R. Heaton; the annex was founded by his grandson, Joseph Benjamin Heaton.
Information transcribed on Feb 9, 1998 by Claire Schuetrum.
Surveyed - Feb 9, 1998 by Claire Schuetrum

Located in Reevesville, SC, on Cross Creek Road (Whetsell Street).  Directions:  At the caution light in Reevesville, turn south onto
Rigby Street.  Just over the railroad tracks, yield, and turn left onto Church Street.  At the next intersection, bear right onto
Cross Creek Road (Whetsell Street).  The cemetery is on the right.  The cemetery was founded by John R. Heaton; the annex was founded by his grandson, Joseph Benjamin Heaton.  Information transcribed on Feb 9, 1998 by Claire Schuetrum.
               Appleby, Infant   b. Nov 20, 1912   d. Nov 27, 1912
                  Infant dau. of Mr. & Mrs. John M. [Morgan] Appleby

               Appleby, John Morgan   b. Sep 14, 1876   d. Jan 2, 1915
                  [Woodmen of the World emblem]
                  [buried beside Margaret Hartzog Appleby]

               Appleby, Margaret Hartzog   b. Jul 29, 1890   d. Dec 6, 1970
                  [buried beside John Morgan Appleby]
               Barfield, Eddie T.   b. Nov 18, 1903   d. Apr 6, 1964

               Bassett, Flossie   b. 1905   d. 1990
                  [Bryant Funeral Home metal marker]
                  [buried close beside David R. & Dorothy M. Yeoman]

               Berry, Frank B.   b. May 2, 1905   d. Jan 14, 1998
                  [son of Benjamin Braxton Berry & Fannie Bryant Berry; husband of
                  Merle Koger Berry]

               Brothers, J. P.   b. 1874   d. 1931
                  [shares tombstone with Ruth Fickling]

               Brothers, Laura Josephine   b. Oct 27, 1872   d. Jun 21, 1952
                  [buried beside J. P. Brothers and Ruth Fickling]

               Bryant, Clyde W.   b. Jan 1911   d. Feb 1911
                  Son of J. H. & F. M. Bryant
                  [buried with John H. Bryant and Fannie S. Bryant]

               Bryant, Fannie S.   b. Jan 7, 1881   d. Jun 17, 1969
                  [wife of John H. Bryant]

               Bryant, John H.   b. Jun 10, 1887   d. Dec 16, 1969
                  [husband of Fannie S. Bryant]


               Bryant, Sherod M.   b. Mar 4, 1915   d. Nov 16, 1968
                  South Carolina    CPL    326 BASE UNIT    AAF    WORLD WAR II
                  [buried beside Mary Bryant Summers and John Wilson Summers]

               Butler, Emma B.   b. Oct 12, 1912   d. Feb 7, 1963
                  [wife of Ocey Butler]

               Butler, Mary   b. Oct 4, 1900   d. Jan 4, 1974
                  Savannah, GA

               Butler, Ocey   b. Sep 23, 1902   d. Jan 7, 1979
                  [Masonic symbol]
                  [husband of Emma B. Butler]

               Byrd, James Edward, Sr.   b. Jul 4, 1929   d. Jun 16, 1983
                  Son of J. B. & ? C. Byrd
               Canaday, Andrew Willis   b. Oct 18, 1891   d. Jul 13, 1972
                  [husband of Estelle H. Canaday]

               Canaday, Estelle H.   b. Jun 5, 1896   d. Jul 28, 1982
                  [wife of Andrew Willis Canaday]

               Canaday, Maude E. Hilton   b. Sep 12, 1910   d. Aug 27, 1966
                  [buried beside Estelle H. and Andrew Willis Canaday]

               Comer, Ann Pauline Thorpe   b. May 10, 1910   d. Apr 16, 1988
                  Wife of Carl D. Comer

               Comer, Carl DeBow   b. Nov 28, 1904   d. May 8, 1971
                  Son of R. T. & M. E. Comer
                  [husband of Ann Pauline Thorpe Comer]
                  [The large stone in this plot reads Comer/McAlhany]

               Dean, Louis   [no dates]

               Deitrick, Eunice H.   b.                d.               
                  [wife of Robert H. Deitrick]

               Deitrick, Robert H.   b. Feb 8, 1925   d. Feb 8, 1997
                  [husband of Eunice H. Detrick]

               Dukes, Elizabeth Love   b. Sep 20, 1957   d. Nov 21, 1958
                  Dau. of Raye [E. Moorer] & Daniel [S.] Dukes [III]

               Dukes, Inell McAlhany   b. Apr 27, 1917   d.
                  [wife of Thomas Wimberly Dukes]

               Dukes, Ronald Myron   b. Aug 5, 1957   d.
                  [son of Thomas Wimberly Dukes & Inell McAlhany Dukes]

               Dukes, Thomas Wimberly   b. Nov 8, 1915   d. Jan 25, 1993
                  [Masonic symbol]
                  [husband of Inell McAlhany Dukes]
               Felder, Blanche M.   b. Jun 20, 1920   d. Mar 24, 1985
                  [wife of Lovick Ephram Felder]

               Felder, Lovick Ephram   b. Jul 14, 1917   d. Oct 11, 1982
                  PFC   US ARMY   WORLD WAR II
                  [Masonic symbol]
                  [husband of Blanche M. Felder]

               Felder, William Asbury   b. May 19, 1940   d. Dec 27, 1989
                  [Masonic symbol]
                  [buried beside Blanche M. & Lovick Ephram Felder]

               Fender, Carol E. [Easterlin]   b. Sep 18, 1940   d. Dec 15, 1993
                  Daughter of Frank C., Sr. & Mattie Mae Knight Easterlin
                  [wife of Harry LeGrande Fender]

               Fender, Harry LeGrande   b. Apr 25, 1937   d.
                  Son of George E., Sr. & Nettie Bailey Fender
                  [husband of Carol Easterlin Fender]
               Fickling, Ruth   b. 1860   d. 1933
                  [shares tombstone with J. P. Brothers]

               Folk, Elizabeth Maxine   b. Mar 14, 1933   d. Mar 14, 1933
                  Dau. of Mr. & Mrs. T. A. Folk
                  [footstone reads M.E.F.]

               Franks, Lorene G. [Griffin]   b. Feb 7, 1936   d. Feb 6, 1998
                  [daughter of Nettie Eva Padgett Griffin & Benjamin Franklin
                  [Bryant Funeral Home metal marker]
               Griffin, Benjamin Frank [Franklin]   b. Dec 24, 1908   d. Aug 4, 
                  Son of B. E. & M. G. Griffin
                  [husband of Nettie Eva Padgett Griffin]

               Griffin, Nettie Eva Padgett   b. Aug 23, 1918   d.
                  Wife of B. [Benjamin] Frank Griffin
               Harley, E. Lillian Heaton   b. Dec 8, 1912   d. May 6, 1989
                  Wife of Hugo W. [Wilson] Harley

               Harley, Hugo Wilson   b. Mar 24, 1913   d.
                  Son of Dr. G. B. & M. B. Harley
                  [husband of E. Lillian Heaton Harley]

               Harley, Robert Lewis   b. Jan 5, 1939   d. Feb 6, 1961
                  Son of H. W. & L. H. Harley

               Harrison, Jean Rickborn   b. Aug 28, 1938   d. Sep 6, 1963
                  [buried very close beside Cleo C. & W. Harold Rickborn]

               Hart, Brandy Regina   b. Sep 8, 1970   d. Dec 31, 1975
                  [buried close beside David R. & Dorothy M. Yeoman]

               Hartzog, Albert T.   b. Nov 9, 1922   d. Oct 23, 1975
                  AOM3   US NAVY   WORLD WAR II
                  [husband of Annie H. Hartzog]

               Hartzog, Annie H.   b. Mar 30, 1930   d. Nov 13, 1988
                  [wife of Albert T. Hartzog]

               Hartzog, Beatrice E.   b. Sep 15, 1925   d. Aug 26, 1996
                  Daughter of John A. & Mary Donald Hartzog

               Hartzog, Clyde W. "Billy"   b. Mar 12, 1943   d. Aug 13, 1980
                  In Memory of Clyde W. "Billy" Hartzog, Son of Clyde J. & A. H.
                  Hartzog, Buried Spring Hill Baptist Church, Dekalb County,    
                  [not buried here]

               Hartzog, Fannie   b. Jan 13, 1928   d.
                  Daughter of John A. & Mary Donald Hartzog

               Hartzog, John Henry   b. Oct 29, 1944   d. May 21, 1967
                  Son of Clyde J. & A. H. Hartzog

               Hartzog, Marvin M.   b. Feb 15, 1930   d. May 15, 1969
                  Son of John A. & Mary Donald Hartzog

               Heaton, Carrie Belle Lucas   b. Oct 26, 1910   d. Sep 1, 1978
                  Wife of John Lewis Heaton

               Heaton, Gerald Cordell   b. Jan 4, 1939   d.
                  Son of John Lewis and Carrie Lucas Heaton
                  [husband of Patsy Jeanette Carr Heaton]

               Heaton, Joanna   b. Aug 21, 1973   d. Aug 22, 1973
                  Infant daughter of J. L. and Pattie W. Heaton

               Heaton, John Lewis   b. Aug 25, 1908   d. Jun 11, 1960
                  [husband of Carrie Belle Lucas Heaton]


               Heaton, John R.   b. Feb 2, 1851   d. Jul 14, 1929

               Heaton, Joseph Adolph, Sr.   b. Aug 28, 1910   d. Aug 5, 1972
                  [husband of Mary Reed Heaton]

               Heaton, Joseph Benjamin   b. Jul 25, 1909   d. Dec 17, 1977
                  Son of J. P. and K. B. Heaton
                  [husband of Retta Mae Walters Heaton]

               Heaton, Joseph Phillip   b. July 17, 1882   d. Feb 17, 1911
                  Son of Mr. & Mrs. J. R. Heaton
                  [buried between John R. Heaton and Kate B. Heaton]
                  [husband of Kate B. Heaton]

               Heaton, Kate B.   b. Nov 12, 1882  d. Jan 22, 1959
                  [wife of Joseph Phillip Heaton]

               Heaton, Lewis Moses   b. Dec 14, 1879   d. Jul 29, 1969
                  Son of J. R. & E. D. Heaton
                  [husband of Lillian Matilda Brownlee Heaton]

               Heaton, Lillian Matilda Brownlee   b. Apr 13, 1881   d. Mar 23,  
                  Wife of L. M. [Lewis Moses] Heaton

               Heaton, Mary Reed   b. Jun 15, 1910   d.
                  [wife of Joseph Adolph Heaton]

               Heaton, Minnie Elizabeth Weeks   b. Jun 22, 1940   d. Jun 4, 1966
                  Wife of John L. Heaton, Jr.

               Heaton, Patsy Jeanette Carr   b. Jan 27, 1942   d. Mar 22, 1990
                  Wife of Gerald Cordell Heaton

               Heaton, Retta Mae Walters   b. Jan 27, 1923   d. May 10, 1996
                  Wife of Joseph B. [Benjamin] Heaton

               Heaton, Kate B.   b. Nov 12, 1882   d. Jan 22, 1959

               Hill, Cora Brownlee   b. Sep 16, 1888   d. May 13, 1969
                  [wife of John Heaton Hill]

               Hill, Infant   b. Sep 19, 1919   d. Sep 19, 1919
                  Infant Son of J. H. and Cora B. Hill

               Hill, John Heaton   b. Nov 30, 1888   d. Jan 12, 1961
                  [husband of Cora Brownlee Hill]

               Hill, John Heaton, Jr.   b. Sep 3, 1922   d. Sep 3, 1938
                  [son of John Heaton Hill & Cora Brownlee Hill]


               Hill, Junelle Ferguson   b. Mar 11, 1928   d.
                  [wife of Victor Hill]

               Hill, Victor, D. M. D.   b. Oct 18, 1926   d.
                  [husband of Junelle Ferguson Hill]

               Hutto, George Manning   b. Jun 22, 1916   d. Nov 8, 1985
                  [husband of Inez Myers Hutto]

               Hutto, Inez Myers   b. Mar 31, 1917   d.
                  [wife of George Manning Hutto]

               Hutto, Infant   Aug 22, 1968
                  Infant Son of M. M. & S. C. Hutto
               Ivey, Luder R.   b. Nov 18, 1930   d. Oct 9, 1934
                  Son of L. R. & M. E. Ivey
               Jackson, Robert Frank   b. Dec 24, 1947   d. Mar 21, 1996

               Johnston, William Price   b. Aug 24, 1912   d. Jun 6, 1979
                  Son of Carlisle and E. P. Johnston

               Judy, Albert McDaniel   b. Aug 1, 1936   d. Sep 6, 1995
                  [husband of Betty Pendarvis Judy]

               Judy, Betty Pendarvis   b. Sep 20, 1936   d. Aug 29, 1989
                  [wife of Albert McDaniel "Danny" Judy]

               Judy, David Pendarvis   b. Jan 13, 1966   d. Jan 13, 1966
                  Son of Danny & Betty P. [Pendarvis] Judy

               Judy, Percy Ray   b. Apr 29, 1940   d. Oct 12, 1989
                  [son of Elease Campbell & Albert Perry Judy; husband of Janice
                  Allen Welch]
               Kizer, Louis Delyle   b. Dec 15, 1914   d. Feb 16, 1985
                  PFC   US ARMY   WORLD WAR II
               McAlhany, Marvin Robert   b. Jan 14, 1903   d. Jul 15, 1985
                  Son of J. H. & M. B. McAlhany

               McClain, Ray Buford   b. 1908   d. 1975
                  SGT   US MARINE CORPS

               Moorer, Dorothy W.   b. Feb 20, 1913   d.
                  [wife of William Murch Moorer, Jr.]


               Moorer, Lena W.   b. Oct 6, 1885   d. Feb 14, 1976
                  [wife of William Murch Moorer, Sr.]

               Moorer, John Richard, Sr.   b. Jun 15, 1912   d. Oct 10, 1996
                  Son of Murch & Lena W. Moorer

               Moorer, W. [William] Murch, Sr.   b. May 6, 1883   d. Dec 26, 1962
                  [husband of Lena W. Moorer]

               Moorer, Wiley Murch, Sr.   b. Nov 5, 1941   d. Feb 15, 1991
                  Son of J. R. & A. S. Moorer

               Moorer, William M. [Murch], Jr.   b. Nov 6, 1909   d. Aug 11, 1996
                  [husband of Dorothy W. Moorer]
               Patrick, Genevieve R.   b. 1907   d. 1996
                  [Bryant Funeral Home metal marker]
                  [buried beside Heyward Franklin Reeves, Sr.]
               Reeves, David D., Sr.   b. Apr 1, 1912   d. Aug 29, 1975
                  [Masonic symbol]

               Reeves, Heyward F. [Franklin], Jr.   b. Aug 1, 1944   d. Nov 29, 
                  [husband of Gwendolyn N. Reeves]

               Reeves, Heyward Franklin, Sr.   b. Sep 25, 1905   d. May 27, 1965

               Reeves, G. Hub   b. May 30, 1903   d. Feb 28, 1973

               Reeves, Gwendolyn N.   b. Apr 20, 1946   d.
                  [wife of Heyward Franklin Reeves, Jr.]

               Reeves, Johnnie L.   b. Oct 5, 1955   d. Dec 24, 1986

               Reeves, Thomas Brantley, Sr.   b. Jul 25, 1908   d. Dec 4, 1970

               Reeves, William Joseph   b. Sep 24, 1959   d. Dec 8, 1993

               Rickborn, Cleo C.   b. Apr 2, 1915   d. Sep 15, 1996
                  [wife of W. Harold Rickborn]


               Rickborn, Eunice Shieder   b. Oct 14, 1922   d.
                  [wife of Joseph Thorpe Rickborn]

               Rickborn, Gerald Thorpe   b. Nov 24, 1954   d.
                  [son of Eunice Shieder and Joseph Thorpe Rickborn]

               Rickborn, Joseph Thorpe   b. Apr 27, 1913   d. Apr 5, 1997
                  US ARMY   WORLD WAR II
                  [husband of Eunice Shieder Rickborn]

               Rickborn, W. Harold   b. Aug 15, 1915   d. Feb 21,1997
                  [husband of Cleo C. Rickborn]

               Ruple, John H., Sr.   b. Jan 11, 1924   d.
                  [husband of Mattie B. Ruple]

               Ruple, Mattie B.   b. Sep 24, 1927   d. Jul 18, 1981
                  [wife of John H. Ruple]
               Segna, Katherine Y.   b. 1951   d. 1994
                  [Bryant Funeral Home metal marker]
                  [buried in the Yeoman plot]

               Smith, Arthur Carlisle   b. Oct 11, 1923   d. Apr 21, 1924
                  Son of Mr. & Mrs. A. W. [Arthur Wesley] Smith

               Smith, Arthur Wesley   b. Dec 19, 1872   d. Dec 29, 1975
                  [Woodmen of the World symbol]
                  [husband of Mollie R. Smith]

               Smith, Elizabeth B.   b. Aug 26, 1866   d. Dec 7 1931
                  [wife of Jefferson B. Smith]

               Smith, Infant   Died Jan 11, 1922
                  Infant of Mr. & Mrs. A. W. [Arthur Wesley] Smith

               Smith, J. [Jefferson] Walter, Sr.   b. Dec 10, 1897   d. Apr 10, 
                  [husband of Lucille S. Smith]

               Smith, Jefferson B.   b. July 12, 1861   d. May 29, 1928
                  [husband of Elizabeth B. Smith]

               Smith, Jefferson Walter, Jr.   b. Aug 30, 1924   d. Mar 23, 1993
                  [carving of locomotive & coal car on tombstone]
                  [buried beside Thelma Mitchum Smith]

               Smith, Lucille S.   b. Nov 19, 1897   d. May 4, 1974
                  [wife of Jefferson Walter Smith, Sr.]

               Smith, Mollie R.   b. Feb 7, 1883   d. Apr 29, 1947
                  [wife of Arthur Wesley Smith]

               Smith, Thelma Mitchum   b. Nov 23, 1932   d. Mar 16, 1960
                  And Infant Son
                  [buried beside Jefferson Walter Smith, Jr.]

               Smoak, Agnes Williams   b. Jun 6, 1892   d. Jul 30, 1963
                  [wife of Hubert Wiley Smoak]

               Smoak, Hubert Wiley   b. Aug 26, 1893   d. Nov 26, 1983
                  [husband of Agnes Williams Smoak]

               Steedly, Eddie T.   b. Nov 19, 1921   d. May 5, 1970
                  South Carolina   PVT US ARMY   WORLD WAR II

               Steedly, Norma J.   b. July 24, 1947   d. Jan 31, 1948

               Stephens, Victor Glenn, Jr.   b. Aug 25, 1974   d. Nov 25, 1989
                  Son of Elizabeth Reeves Stephens and Victor Glenn Stephens, Sr.
                  Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for
                  his friends.

               Steward David L.   b. Apr 27, 1939   d. Jan 22, 1994

               Steward, Herbert, Jr.   b. 1969   d. 1989
                  [Bryant Funeral Home metal marker]

               Steward Homer L.   b. Jul 29, 1915   d. Oct 11, 1978
                  [husband of Nona W. Steward]

               Steward, Nona W.   b. Jan 12, 1914   d. Sep 17, 1992
                  [wife of Homer L. Steward]

               Summers, John Wilson   b. Jul 18, 1918   d. May 25, 1986
                  S   SGT   US ARMY   WORLD WAR II
                  [husband of Mary Bryant Summers]

               Summers, Mary Bryant   b. Jun 6, 1917   d.
                  [wife of John Wilson Summers]
               Weeks, Catherine Smoak   b. Nov 28, 1900   d. Apr 20, 1977
                  Wife of Zachariah Weeks

               Weeks, Zachariah   b. Apr 24, 1892   d. Nov 26, 1975
                  F3   US NAVY   WORLD WAR I
                  [husband of Catherine Smoak Weeks]


               Welch, Joseph Calhoun   b. Dec 1, 1941   d. Aug 5, 1996
                  [son of Laura Edith Beagling and Dempsey Calhoun Welch; husband
                  of Ennis Love Felder Welch]

               Welch, Tammie Lynn   b. Nov 10, 1965   d. Nov 12, 1965
                  Our Beloved Dau.
                  [daughter of Ennis Love Felder & Joseph Calhoun Welch]

               Westbury, John Heyward   b. Apr 15, 1923   d. Aug 6, 1991
                  CWO4   US COAST GUARD   WORLD WAR II   KOREA

               Westbury, Myers Clark   1926
               Yeoman, David R.   b. Aug 17, 1922   d. Jun 1, 1994
                  POP, DAD
                  [husband of Dorothy M. Yeoman]

               Yeoman, Dorothy M.   b. Feb 13, 1932   d.
                  [wife of David R. Yeoman]


******Note:  This cemetery is included in CEMETERY INSCRIPTIONS OF DORCHESTER COUNTY, SC Compiled by Lillian H. Harley, Pattie W. Heaton, Lillian D. Kizer, and may be found on THIS PAGE.

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