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Dorchester County, South Carolina


Reevesville United Methodist Church Cemetery
Photograph © Paulette Johnson

Located at Reevesville, SC, at the corner of Cross Creek Road (Whetsell Street) and Grimes Town Road.  Directions:  At the caution light in Reevesville, turn south onto Rigby Street.  Just over the railroad tracks, yield, and turn left onto Church Street.  Go one block.  The cemetery is in the fork of Cross Creek Road and Grimes Town Road, enclosed with 4 foot chain link fence.  The church, which stood in the middle of the graves,  has been torn down.   Information transcribed on Jan 20, 1998 by Claire Schuetrum


               Berry, Bessie Fickling   b. Aug 13, 1884   d. Dec 7, 1963
                  [buried beside William Felix Berry]

               Berry, William Felix   b. Nov 12, 1882   d. Sep 22, 1951
                  [buried beside Bessie Fickling Berry]

               Coleman, Adella Eadon   b. 1883   d. 1931

               Connor, Harrie Lee   b. Mar 23, 1859   d. Feb 14, 1895
                  Erected in honor of Harrie Lee Connor, by his devoted son

               Council, Albert Marvin   b. Aug 11, 1880   d. Nov 1, 1943
                  [buried beside Frances Josephine Council]

               Council, Charles Robert   b. May 14, 1822   d. Dec 21, 1888
                  Born in Bladen County, N.C. May 14, 1822.  Died in Reevesville 
                  Dec. 21, 1888
                  COMSY SGT., CO. C, 24 SC INF., CSA
                  [husband of Mildred Rebecca Council]

               Council, Charles Robert   b. Jun 8, 1875   d. Aug 11, 1920
                  [buried beside Frances Josephine Council]

               Council, Frances Josephine   b. Mar 14, 1871   d. Jan 5, 1938
                  [buried between Charles Robert Council (the younger) and Albert 
                  Marvin Council]

               Council, Mildred Rebecca   b. Jan 23, 1840   d. Aug 10, 1922
                  [wife of Charles Robert Council]   

               Ehney, J. [Jacob] Aquilla   b. 1869   d. 1942
                  [son of Judge William Lloyd Ehney and Anna Matilda Inabnett    
                   Ehney; husband of Henrietta Rebecca "Nettie" Rigby Ehney]

               Ehney, Nettie R. [Henrietta Rebecca "Nettie" Rigby]   b. 1872     
                  d. 1961
                  [daughter of Charles P. Rigby and Fannie Summers; wife of Jacob 
                  Aquilla Ehney]

               Ehney, William R. [Rigby]   b. 1902   d. 1941
                  [1st husband of Katie Corley Ehney Bishop]

               Johnston, Anna Telulu Minus   b. Dec 16, 1868   d. Sep 4, 1897
                  Married to P. C. Johnston, Jr. July 5, 1888
                  [wife of Preston C. Johnston, Jr.]

               Johnston, _______  [infant's stone]   Aug 1897
                  ... son of Anna T. & Preston Johnston, Jr.
                  [broken tombstone beside that of Anna Telulu Minus Johnston]

               Johnston, Floride   b. May 20, 1898   d. Sep 1, 1899
                  [buried beside Joe P. Johnston, MD and wife, Mary Carr Johnston]

               Johnston, Infant   Born and Died Dec 12, 1912
                  INFANT SON of Dr. & Mrs. A. R. Johnston

               Johnston, Joe P., MD   b. Oct 20, 1866   d. Mar 12, 1907
                  Physician and Surgeon
                  [husband of Mary Carr Johnston]

               Johnston, Mabel Clare   b. Jul 10, 1886   d. Oct 16, 1886
                  Infant of C. & A. C. Johnston, Sr.
                  [tombstone partially buried]

               Johnston, Mary Carr   b. Nov 7, 1871   d. Nov 23, 1899
                  [wife of Joe P. Johnston, MD]

               Johnston, Nellie Minus   b. Sep 17, 1875   d. Jan 3, 1946
                  [wife of William C. C. Johnston]

               Johnston William C. C.   b. Aug 17, 1868   d. Mar 26, 1900
                  [husband of Nellie Minus Johnston]

               Kirton, Claudia Marie   b. Nov 2, 1889   d. Sep 11, 1892
                  Eldest child of Rev. P. L. & Lilla Lee Kirton of the So. Ca.   
                  Conference, M. E. Church, South

               Knight, Emma F.   b. Nov 7, 1879   d. Oct 7, 1904
                  [wife of P. T. Knight]

               Knight, Emma T.   b. Oct 5, 1904   d. Nov 4, 1904
               Knight, P. T.   b. Jan 13, 1880   d. Nov 3, 1906
                  [husband of Emma F. Knight]

               Kiser, Annie Felder   b. Jan 25, 1879  d. June 4, 1943
                  [buried beside Daniel D. Kiser]

               Kiser, Daniel D.   b. Feb 1, 1875   d. May 24, 1959
                  [buried beside Annie Felder Kiser]

               Kizer, Elizabeth A. [Summers]   b. Mar 3, 1845   d. Jul 17, 1915
                  [daughter of Gabriel Robert Summers and his first wife, Mary   
                  Baltzega; wife of Irvin B. Kizer]

               Kizer, I. [Irvin] B.   b. Feb 18, 1840   d. Feb 18, 1924
                  [husband of Elizabeth A. Summers Kizer]

               Morgan, C. [Charles] Arthur   b. 1896   d. 1979
                  [husband of Lillie Mae Ehney Morgan]

               Morgan, Lillie Mae [Ehney]   b. 1905   d. 1986
                  [wife of Charles Arthur Morgan]

               Morgan, Ralph Authur   b. 1940   d. 1940
                  [only child of Charles Arthur Morgan and Lillie Mae Ehney      

               Price, Nathan Martin   b. Feb 27, 1876   d. Sep 22, 1908

               Reeves, Victoria Council   b. May 5, 1873   d. Feb 12, 1943

               Rigby, Charles P.   b. Sep 4, 1832   d. Jun 8, 1908
                  CO. E, 1 SC CAV, CSA
                  [husband of Frances M. Summers Rigby]

               Rigby, C. P., Jr.   b. Dec 27, 1867   d. May 15, 1938

               Rigby, Frances ["Fannie"] M. [Summers]   b. Jul 4, 1848   d. Feb  
                  23, 1926
                  [daughter of Gabriel Robert Summers & his first wife, Mary     
                  Rebecca Baltzegar; wife of Charles P. Rigby]

               Rigby, G. J.   b. 1869   d. 1944

               Rigby, Lilly Ann   b. Mar 9, 1878   d. Jan 29, 1960
                  [daughter of Charles P. Rigby & Fannie Summers Rigby]

               Rigby, Maggie Viola   b. May 15, 1883   d. Dec 3, 1958
                  [daughter of Charles P. Rigby & Fannie Summers Rigby]

               Rigby, Mattie Kizer   b. 1898   d. 1921

               Rigby, Robert Richard   b. 1887   d. 1950

               Shorter, Iller   b. Feb 7, 1911   d. Nov 30, 1914
                  [tombstone broken]

               Street, Bertha   b. Mar 26, 1892   d. Aug 11, 1893
                  [sharing tombstone with W. F. Street]

                  [no other notation;  tombstone out beside triple stone of W. F. 
                  Street, Bertha Street, and Infant Son Street]

               Street, INFANT SON   1894
                  [sharing tombstone with W. F. Street]

               Street, Lenora Brothers   [no dates]

               Street, W. F.   b. May 26, 1851   d. Aug 26, 1904
                  [sharing tombstone with Bertha Street and INFANT SON Street]

               Whetsell, Mrs. A. G.   b. Dec 25, 1835   d. Dec 20, 190?
                  [wife of D. C Whetsell]     
                  [tombstone is broken through date]

               Whetsell, D. C.   b. Sep 1, 1829   d. May 20, 1906
                  [husband of Mrs. A. G. Whetsell]

               Thweatt, John Moton   b. May 27, 1882   d. Aug 7, 1935   
                  [Masonic symbol]        
                  [husband of Marian Rigby Thweatt.  She is buried in Charleston.]

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