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Dorchester County, South Carolina


St. George Anglican Church Cemetery
Photographs on and linked from this page are by Paulette Johnston

Compiled by Lillian H. Harley, Pattie W. Heaton, Lillian D. Kizer
Location: SC Hwy. 642 to S-18-373, then to Ashley River.

Established: St. George's Anglican Church, Dorchester, was begun in 1719 and used for more than 100 years. The crumbling ruins of the old bell tower and the old fort are all that remain, except for some of the tombstones in the adjoining cemetery. The earliest burial found was that of __ H N Joor, EFQ (Esq) who died Sept. 15, 1772. He would have been born in 1716. It is believed there were many who died and were buried before this date, markers having been removed or destroyed.

Copyists: Pattie W. Heaton, Lillian H. Harley, Lillian D. Kizer, Sheryl Kizer, Irene J. Berry, Estelle J. Crosby.

Date: April 17, 1977

Dr. Cornelius Depont
Died 21 July 1843
In the 58th year of his age

Edward H. Freer
1815  -  1880
His Wife
Ester Rivers
1817  -  1894

Mary Freer
1841  -  1883
(w. of Joseph Hall Waring    

Mrs. Louisa C. Houseal
The Amiable partner of
Dr. John G. Houseal
who departed this Life
on 7th January 1814
Aged 39 years 2 months
& 16 days

James Postell, Esq.
Died 8 April 1773
Aged 51 yrs.

Seth Prior
Died 6 June 1798
63 Years 8 Months and 10 days

Ester Rivers
1817  -  1894
(w. of Edward H. Freer)

Effie  -  Dau of
W. J. & G. M. Sineath
Died May 12, 1905

Mrs. G. M. Sineath  -  Wife
of W. J. Sineath
Died Oct. 13, 1920
In the 88th year of her age

W. J. Sineath
Died Aug. 16, 1907

Seth Thorn
Died ________ 1830
19th yr of his age

Joseph Hall Waring Hutchinson
1833  -  1877
His wife
Mary Freer
1841  -  1883

L O (broken) Hutchinson
Consort of Mathias Hutch_____
Died 14 May ____
In the 43d year of Her ____
__ H N Joor, EFQ.
Died Sept 15, 1772
Aged 56 years & 2 months

Grave with base of headstone
no inscription

__larles B. Ladson, Es__
Died 1st April 1833
Age 47 yrs 4 mo 4 days

Broken Stone

Next to him lies
his second Son
Caspar Weslar
This Monument is
erected by his Only
surviving Son, Who
revives His Memory
Mrs. Mary H. Whitaker
Died 19 October 1847
Age 57 years

Mrs. Margaret Autrobus
Young   -   Wife of
M. Thomas Young
Born in Great Britain
A.D. 1727
At six yrs of age she
came to America
At six years of age
to Charleston
And upwards of sixty years
resided in Charleston, S.C.
During fifty of those years
She was a steady and
_____________ of the
Indep.t or Congregational
Died April 6th 1808
Age 80 yrs. 11 mos

© 1979 Lillian H. Harley, Pattie W. Heaton, Lillian D. Kizer

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