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Dorchester County, South Carolina

Partial Transcription
St. George Cemetery
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The St. George Cemetery is located on Memorial Boulevard (Highway 78), between Ann Street (at brick church) & Metts Street.  It is surrounded by a chain link fence, and entered through a wrought iron gate with square stone pillars.  Pages 1-4 (445 tombstone transcriptions) were recorded by Jan Criddle during visits to the St. George Cemetery over a period of years. Jan stressed that these transcriptions and notes were her personal project, and at the time were not intended for publication.   Although all information is deemed reliable, accuracy is not guaranteed.    Some additional notes may be from Jan's personal information and not necessarily from the tombstones themselves.  If you believe that any of this information is in error, please contact me and I will add your comments in postscript.  

 July 31, 2004:   Jan's transciptions (445 total) have now been uploaded and are searchable by the Dorchester County site search.  Page Five begins additional transciptions.  If you have done actual transcriptions of tombstones in this cemetery, and you do not find the names in Pages 1-5, please send them to me, and I'll add them to Page Five.  In March 2008 the first book of St. George U.D.C. Cemetery transcriptions has been published, and is now available.  You'll find information about ordering the book HERE.   Pat Sabin.


Jan Criddle passed away on March 9, 2006.  Jan was an avid "Lowcountry" South Carolina genealogist, and I know how pleased she is to know that her contributions will continue to benefit researchers and family members for many years to come.  She will be missed. 

Claire Schuetrum  sent this excerpt of Jan's obituary from The State, Columbia, SC, Saturday, March 11, 2006:
"Jeannette Criddle.   Cayce -- Jeannette Criddle, 68, died Thursday, March 9, 2006.  Born in Decatur, Ala., she was the daughter of the late James M. and Elise Jackson Criddle.  She retired as an auditor with the S.C. Department of Revenue." 

Claire shared these memories,

"Jan was a dynamic person with a great sense of humor.  I met her through her connection to one of the Branchville Grimes families.  She told me that her Criddle ancestor, James Samuel Criddle, a soldier in the Northern Army, came south during the Civil War and met a girl in the Reevesville- -Branchville area, Elizabeth "Eliza" Grimes.  After the war he returned to marry her and remained.

"She was working on a Judy family history at one time.  Besides Grimes, Criddle, and Judy, some of her other family lines were George, Canaday, and Harbison.  I like to think that she knows all of the genealogical
secrets now."

Name                            Birth     Death
       Date          Comments

Metts,  Mary Ann Judy           7-26-1838   10-28-1916      w/of David Metts
                                                            D/of Jacob Judy &
                                                            Eliz. Hutto

Metts, David M.                 7-13-1815    7-3-1908       CSA marker

Metts, Samuel E.                10-28-1878  10-24-1947      h/of Mary A.
                                                            CSA marker
Metts, Mary A.                  10-21-1877  12-15-1966      w/of Samuel E. Metts

Judy, Margaret Lillian Metts    5-12-1922   4-23-1996       w/of Cecil C. Judy
                                                            D/of Sam E. &
                                                            Mary Metts

Judy, Cecil Calvert             6-27-1916  11-10-1980       s/of Perry B. &
                                                            Maude Bruce Judy

Judy, Annie Meyer                 1862      1925            w/of Dr. P. M.

Judy, Perry McSwain, M.D.      11-23-1857   7-21-1937       s/of John & Rachel

Judy, Josephine Shuler          3-25-1861   9-25-1899       w/of Dr. P.M. Judy

                                                                                D/of  M. Wm. &

                                                            Martha Shuler

Judy, Rhett M.                   1902          1969         s/of P. M. &
                                                                                                                                                                Annie Judy

Rowell, Jacob                    1851          1914         h/of Carrie Rhump

Rowell, Carrie Rhump             1856          1921         w/of Jacob Rowell

Rowell, Humbert                  1888          1933

Smith, Ruby H.                 12-24-1899  12-26-1968 

Judy, Bertie                    9-07-1894   9-10-1973       s/of Jacob W.Judy &
                                                            Theodosia Myers
                                                            H/of Mary Traxler

Judy, Mary Traxler              3-04-1897   9-23-1967       w/of Bertie Judy

George, Marvin G.               9-15-1900  11-01-1973       h/of Sallie Mae George

Patrick, Walter Townsend        4-19-1910   7-15-1989       h/of Grace Ulmer

Patrick, Grace Ulmer            3-23-1922   6-26-1984       w/of Walter T. Patrick

Judy, "Dosia" Myers             5-22-1860  11-22-1942       w/of Jacob Judy
          (Theodosia)                                        "D. J."  -
                                                            Married 1881 at
                                                            home of Margaret Myers.

Judy, Jacob (W.)               12-16-1861  11-24-1940       s/of Henry & Mildred

                                                            h/of Dosia Myers
                                                            "J. J."

Judy, Raymond L.                7-26-1922   4-14-1992       s/of Bertie & Mary Judy
                                                            H/of Margaret Fickling

Judy, Margaret Fickling        11-21-1923  12-01-1999       d/of James V. &                                                             Mattie Beagling Fickling
                                                            W/of Raymond L. Judy

Reeves, H. Legare               7-15-1902   1-02-2003

Reeves. Sadie Patrick           1-01-1910  12-14-1996 

Reeves, Marion L.               7-07-1927 

Reeves, Charles Henry             1875        1926          h/of Maude Lewis Howell

Reeves, Maude Lewis Howell      7-09-1881   8-07-1963       w/of C. H. Reeves

Braswell, Lewis E.,   Jr.       1-22-1917  11-09-1967       SC CPL Trp. F,
                                                            12 Calvary WWII
                                                            h/of Sarah H. Braswell
Braswell, Sarah H.             11-13-1919                   w/of Lewis E.          
                                                            Braswell, Jr.
                                                            Married 2-2-1941

Colson, Lowdrean Craven         1-01-1910     9-03-1983 

Colson, Kirby B.               10-13-1908     9-15-1968

Leonard, John B.                9-14-1908    10-14-1971

Leonard, Ollie Way              5-20-1896     1-29-1967

Murray, Francis Lever           4-28-1902    10-20-1946     h/of  C.Victoria Utsey

Murray, C. Victoria Utsey       1-31-1905    12-25-1969     w/of Francis Lever

Utsey, Emma Julia Wolfe         4-07-1881     9-22-1968

Deitrick, Adam H.               3-09-1923     3-19-2000     "Father"

Deitrick, Annie Lee Jameson     2-04-1920     2-13-1993     "Mother"

Murray, Durant McLeod           1-12-1914    10-20-1995     "Father"
                                                            H/of Gladys Shuler
Murray, Gladys Shuler           8-28-1907    10-17-1992     w/of Durant McL.

Jameson, Pearl Kizer           10-15-1901     5-07-1979

Phalen, Richard M.              5-21-1919    10-11-1987

Byrd, Carrie Belle              7-24-1902    11-10-1997

Kizer, Charlie P.               8-13-1892    10-14-1967     h/of Annie Traxler

Kizer, Annie Traxler            1-02-1895     2-22-1993     w/of Charlie P.

Kizer, William P.               5-28-1924     5-09-1967

Walters, Genora W.             12-18-1901     2-13-1970     w/of Richard Walters

Walters, Richard               12-25-1886     1-05-1967     h/of Genora W.

Gruber, George H.               2-02-1886    12-13-1936     h/of Mena V.

Gruber, Mena V.                10-03-1893     6-09-1986     w/of George H. Gruber
Kirkpatrick, Johnnie Weeks      5-23-1916    12-03-2000     MAM2 - USNavy WWII

Farrell, Horace Perry           2-04-1923     2-15-2000 

Whetstone, Laura Dukes          9-02-1911     7-03-1962 

Byrd, David Wamer               6-26-1896    12-22-1969     CPL - USArmy WWI

Byrd, Florrie W.                1-29-1903    10-14-1966

Walters, Herbert "Hub"         10-05-1900     4-18-1969     s/of John W. & Leila M.

Walters, Edith Jackson          8-04-1903     2-03-1996     w/of Herbert Walters
                                                            D/of Colin M. Jackson &
                                                            Martha Matilda Canaday

Crook, Barney D.                8-17-1910     4-26-1962     s/of Samuel & Emma Crook

Westbury, Myrtle Crook          5-28-1903     4-08-1988     w/of Junious Mann Westbury
                                                            D/of Samuel & Emma Crook

Westbury, Junious Man           3-03-1903     3-18-1965     s/of  Ezra & Mamie T.
                                                            H/of Myrtle Crook

Durr, Pearl Knight              7-06-1936     8-22-1981

Knight, Bertie Mae
                   Thompson     1-23-1916     8-22-1995 

Knight, Alvin St. Clair         3-25-1909     6-05-1975 

Risher, Viola Gruber            1-01-1911     2-04-1992

Risher, Derrick B., Sr.         9-23-1909     1-30-1989

Risher, Derrick B., Jr.         3-08-1934 

Harvey, Virgil                  2-10-1900   2-07-1985       s/of Wm. M. & Sallie G.
                                                            H/of Martha E.
Harvey, Martha E. McIlwain       9-24-1917         

Harbeson, Virgil M.              9-29-1919   7-25-1998

Harbeson, Sylvia Ann             4-16-1942   2-02-1943

Martin, Anne Elizabeth Judy      6-11-1854   7-06-1944      d/of William Judy &
                                                            Mary Darby
                                                            W/of  (1) Jonas Judy
                                                            W/of (2) John Howard Martin

Martin, John Howard              8-07-1859   5-12-1943      h/of Anne Elizabeth Judy

Patrick, Louis Wesley            2-23-1910   9-24-1988      s/of Lee Patrick
                                                            H/of Leone Godwin

Patrick, Leone Godwin           12-23-1911   8-04-1987      w/of Louis Wesley

Hightower, Infant Daughter       1-02-1914   1-02-1914      d/of  Lottie & Archie C.

Weeks, Robert Singleton          3-25-1840   2-21-1919 
Weeks, Eugenia C.               12-02-1844  10-25-1907

Weeks, Richard L.               12-12-1879   3-29-1938

Patrick, Marion Gressette        1-16-1922   1-23-1978      s/of (?) L. W. &  D. W. Patrick?
                                                            (Old English lettering)
Canaday, Ella R.                 9-24-1852   6-09-1914      Sister of Sarah Ann    
                                                            Canaday Dukes

Dukes, John Henry                9-21-1886  12-10-1938      s/of Morgan Welbourn   
                                                            Dukes & Sarah Ann       

Murray, Emory                   1828        1910            h/of Louisa George

Murray, Louisa George           1833        1908            w/of Emory Murray

Murray, James Leonidar          1852        1905            s/of Emory & Louisa    

Murray, Grecian                 1859        1926            s/of Emory & Louisa    

Heaton, James Harold            9-16-1903   7-31-1967       h/of Annie Johnson

Heaton, Annie Johnson           8-05-1905  12-02-2001       w/of James Harold Heaton

Poole, Alma Johnson             2-12-1894   4-19-1986

Johnson, Fred Wagner           11-20-1908   4-20-1986       PFC WWII US Army

Theile, Florrie Johnson         7-07-1899   7-23-1990

Long, James J.                  6-25-1902   8-10-1967       s/of J. J. & M. S. Long
                                                            H/of Alice Way Beard

Long, Alice Way Beard           7-26-1904   4-23-2000       w/of James J. Long

Jarrett, Freddie Batten         2-03-1925   3-29-1989       US Merchant Marine

Horne, William Shuler           2-15-1908   2-28-1997       h/of Frances Crosby

Horne, Frances Crosby                                       w/of William Shuler Horne

Kelly, James Joseph            12-30-1895   9-10-1977       Pvt. US Army, WWI & II
                                                            H/of Hazel Westbury

Kelly, Hazel Westbury          10-06-1903   2-27-1993       w/of James Joseph Kelly

Godfrey, Jerry Elizabeth        1-17-1951   1-17-1951 

Godfrey, Kitty Hartzog          2-16-1911   1-22-1993       w/of Thomas Godfrey
Godfrey, Thomas                 4-02-1906   6-05-1989       h/of Kitty Hartzog

McMicken, Price F.              3-11-1937   3-18-1996       US Air Force

Sweatman, Christine Lynne      10-06-1990   7-08-1993       d/of James & Donna                                                             Sweatman

Sweatman, J. R. "Bobby"        10-12-1926   7-07-2000       s/of F. L. & Eula Lee      
                                                            Knight Sweatman

Heaton, Virginia H.             7-20-1930   7-15-1994       d/of B. J. & Dollie
                                                            N. Heaton
Heaton, Bryant Joseph           4-25-1909   5-12-1978       s/of Thomas F. &
                                                            Lizzie Reeves Heaton
                                                            H/of Dollie Louise

Heaton, Dollie Louise Nettles   11-07-1911                  d/of L. R. &
                                                            Ellen McKissick
                                                            W/of Bryant Jos.

Heaton, B. J.,  Jr.             11-28-1934   2-17-1987      s/of Bryant J. &
                                                            Dollie Nettles Heaton

Weathers, Brian Harris           5-23-1957   7-03-1990      s/of Ida Skinner & Jack  J.

Weathers, Ida Skinner            9-03-1923                  w/of Jack J. Weathers

Weathers, Jack John              8-30-1922   5-15-1971      s/of Adrian D. &
                                                            Octavia E. Weathers
H/of Ida Skinner

Owens, Matthew J.                5-04-1973   5-24-1973

Magill, Inez                     5-12-1891    4-06-1973

Magill, Grace Hamel              9-21-1895   4-23-1979      w/of  Harry Magill

Magill, Harry                    8-24-1894   4-20-1980      h/of Grace Hamel

Hill, William George, Jr.        9-13-1972   9-13-1972      s/of W. G. &
                                                            Linda  Wright Hill
Byrd, J. Blake                  10-06-1904  10-07-1956      h/of Lucile V. Canaday

Byrd, Lucile V. Canaday          7-01-1906  11-06-1993      w/of J. Blake Byrd

Cloud, A. R. ("Tex")             8-24-1911   2-28-1978      2nd h/of Esther Rumph George

Rumph, Esther                    3-11-1895   1-07-1965      w/of (1) John William George
                                                            W/of (2) A. R. Cloud

George, John William             8-18-1878  11-23-1933      s/of Budd Lewis George &
                                                            Sally Eliz. Walters George
                                                            H/of Esther Rumph

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This file was contributed for use by the Dorchester County SCGenWeb Project  by:
Jan Criddle
July 2004

Photographs by Pat Sabin
July 2004

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