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Dorchester County, South Carolina


Walters Family Cemetery
Photographs on this page © Paulette Johnston

Compiled by Lillian H. Harley, Pattie W. Heaton, Lillian D. Kizer
Location: About two miles south of St. George, SC, on US Hwy 15, then a short distance west of the Riley residence.

Established: The earliest death date recorded on monument still standing is June 16, 1902 of Lewis H. P. Walters. Richard Walters, Co. C. 24th SC Inf. C S A, wounded at Chickamauga, who was buried in this cemetery may have died before 1902, as there is no deceased date recorded on him. Keith Riley

Copyists: Frances T. Patrick, Keith Riley.

Date: February 17, 1978
NOTE:  Note, this cemetery was transcribed again in 2000 and the more recent transcription includes additional graves. It  is available HERE.  

Emily George  -  Dau of
F. & S. George
Sept. 28, 1916
June 3, 1918

Henrietta George
Nov. 10, 1920
May 16, 1921

Ella W. Myers
Feb. 15, 1893
Dec. 7, 1918

George Ann  -  Dau of 
Irma J. Myers
Nov. 4, 1914
Dec. 4, 1918

Allison E. Walters
1856  -  1908

Cicero Walters
Oct. 23, 1888
Sept. 16, 1909

Janette V. Walters
1867  - 1913

Isiah Walters
(ca. Mar. 20, 1931?)

Leila Frances Walters  -  Dau of
J. M. & Flossie Walters
Dec. 11, 1921
Aug. 19, 1934

Lewis H. P. Walters
Dec. 15, 1853
June 16, 1902

Nettie Walters
(d. Feb. 12, 1916?)

Sarah Ann Walters  -  Wife of
Philip Walters
Born July 6, 1893
Died  ?

*Richard Walters
Co C.  24th S.C. Inf.
        C S A
     (no dates)

OF INTEREST:   Keith Riley states: "During the past years, I have collected over five hundred (500) Indian arrowheads, some pottery and other artifacts, many of which were found in the immediate area.  The arrowheads range in size from about 1 inch to about 3 inches long. I estimate that these artifacts are at least two hundred and fifty (250) years old.  I have, also, done some research in trying to determine the name of the tribe or tribes who inhabited this area, but have been unsuccessful thus far.  We truly believe this section was one of the Indian's "Happy Hunting Grounds."

re:   ROLL OF CONFEDERATE VETERANS, Company C., 24th Regiment S.C.V., which was recruited and organized in the upper part of St. George's Parish by Hon. Morgan T. Appleby in the latter part of the year of 1861.  Compiled by: J. Gavin Appleby, MD.

© 1979 Lillian H. Harley, Pattie W. Heaton, Lillian D. Kizer

Walters Family Cemetery

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