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    J. Perry Nash & Margie Davis Nash Home
Blue House1
Five Forks Trickum, just south of Oak Road
(destroyed early 2005)
Lilburn-Lawrenceville, Georgia

Many thanks to Sandra Cruce Satterfield for the back ground on her family home:
"The Little Blue House as you call it was built in 1913 by my great uncle W. Perry Nash and his wife Margie Davis Nash. When Aunt Margie died in the early 80's I inherited that place which was on 10 acres next door to my parents. My roots were there as my parents actually lived in that house when I was born. I occupied the house until 2004 when my mother sold out because of the influx of people and business around us. The house was decieving from the road, the picture you took was after all the gingerbread trim had been removed by vandals

"The house  had 13 rooms and over 3800 squre feet. It was gorgeous inside with two working fireplaces in the kitchen and dining room. It had heart pine walls,floors and ceilings.  My two sons grew up in that house and the paint on the outside had always been white.

"Perry Nash and Claud  were brothers  to Jewel Nash I have a plat that shows how my great grand father divided up the 350 acres between all of his children. There were 8 of them. The 3 I mentioned had their own sawmill near Killian Hill and cut the lumber for the 3 houses that they built when they married and settled on the property there near there parents. "

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