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Suwanee Methodist   
Suwanee Methodist Church
Suwanee, Georgia


       Suwanee Methodist Church  began with worship services held in the school building.  In 1876 the church as organized with 34 members, and the first building was erected in 1879 or 80.  Heavy wind caused such damage to the building in 1909, it was decided to replace the building on a new site.  The existing building, on a hill overlooking the town, was completed in 1910 at a cost of $2,000.  A small cemetery is adjacent, just to the right of the church.

        The early ministers, each serving for one to two years, were:  M. H. Eakes, Joseph Carr, J. R. Smith, W. P. Smith, W. S. Bradley, J. H. Mashburn, K. Reed, J. R. King, H. M. Newton, J. T. Curtis, B. E. L. Timmons, George Quillian, M. H. Edwards, W. B. Ledbetter, J. L. Moon, W. A. Parks, T. H. Timmons, T. J. Warlick, W. L. Singleton, F. G. Golden, W. W. Gaines, W. E. McBreyer, S. H. Braswell, F. R. Smith, J W. Stipe, and H. E. Scott.

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