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Zoar United Methodist Church   
Zoar United Methodist Church, Est. 1811
Zoar Church Road near Highway 124,
Centerville, Georgia
Zoar United Methodist Church

Zoar Cemetery

The cemetery is located directly across Zoar Church Road from the church (post office is in the background).  It appears to be still in use and in moderate maintenance by the church and family members.  Below are just a few older graves:

Sacred to the Memory of
Clarissa C.
Wife of Few Gordon
Born September 19th, 1800
Died January 18th, 1867
Peace to her ashes
Sacred to the Memory of
Few Gordon
Born Jan. 17, 1797
Died Dec. 3, 1857
Peace to his ashes

Samuel S. Clower
Born Sept. 30, 1854
Died June 15, 1856

Redick Betts*
Born May 12, 1809
Died Feb. 14, 1859
Elizabeth Betts*
Born Feb. 27, 1812
Died Nov. 3, 1879

 *Listed as a Preacher and Farmer in the Federal Census of 1850 for Gwinnett County.  See link on the Research  page.
Link to Reddick Betts biography and obituary.


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