Atlantic Hotel Menu 1949
Hotel Atlantic Coffee Shop Menu
Chicago, Illinois, August 13, 1949

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Contributed by Sylvia Jung  from her grandfather's memorabilia, and Sylvia and shares a little of her grandfather's interesting life here:

My grandfather, Joe Jung, is a Chinese American who came to US in 1929 at the age of 12 using a "paper son" document.  He initially settled in Toledo, OH where his father, uncle, & other cousins owned a laundry shop.  They eventually opened 2 more shops.  But in 1942 (after helping to generate income to send the younger brothers & cousins to college) grandpa decided to leave the business & ventured out to Chicago for welding school. 

After completing the welding program, he breifly stayed in South Dakota where he partnered with another man to open a Chinese/American restaraunt.  This didn't work out, so he left & came out to Portland where the ship building yards were busy constructing ships for the war.  Welding was temporary.  His ultimate goal was to open his own Chinese/American restaraunt.  By the time he retired in 1982, he had restaraunts in Longview, Corvallis, Coos Bay, & Beaverton, Oregon.  They were all the old style Chinese/American coffee shop type of restaraunts.  I assume he took the menus when he was in Chicago because he was impressed with the restaraunt.  He probably used them as research material to formulate his own menu. 

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