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Wiggins Cemetery

This has been called Wiggins Cemetary.  It is down a dirt  road off the main Hwy 63 going from Hampton into Islandton
just past Bubbas Used Cars. There use to be an old saw mill further up the dirt road. In the graveyard the tombstones are made of wood, beautiful handiwork, but now rotted and lying on the ground. There are some headstones readable.  Some I found covered over with bushes, and mosquitoes will swarm you.  I tried to push back the branches and
scape mildew that had grown over the names.  These are what I have on file as of date.
   Daisey Wiggins b. June 14, 1947 - d. June 14, 1947
   Runnell M. Wiggins b. Fe. 9, 1927 - d Dec. 17, 1991
   Charlie Wiggins b. Dec. 6, 1920 - d March?, 1952
   (Charlie had this headstone connected to Runnell who I assume is his wife, but there is a seperate
   tombstone for
   Charlie away from this one and it reads as follows:
   Charlie Wiggins
   PFC 271 Infantry
   69 Infantry Div.
   Dec. 6, 1920
   March ?, 1952                 )
   Sue Mills - can't read dates
   Billy Wiggins (this one is buried into ground so all I could read
   is SC 761 Infantry WWII)
   John Mills (buried under vines and brush mildewed could not read) on the other side of the same brush was
   a woman Mills
   could not read this one either
   Ellis Johnson no dates but PVT US ARMY
   There is a fenced in area with about 4 headstones for a family
   of Padgett.
   There is one headstone with the last name looks like MIXON
   The rest are the wooden headstones.
   Yvonne Carrol DeLoach.


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Yvonne Deloach
November 19, 2003

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