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We welcome all tombstome transcriptions!  Please read guidelines.
Last Updated  February 27, 2010

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We welcome your contributions, and thank you in advance for taking the time to honor our ancestors and help fellow researchers.  My goal is to keep these pages relevant and up to date.  Unfortunately, working full time (as well as hosting other county sites) limits my time to upload new information.  Having information ready to copy, paste, and format on an .html page will allow me to add more information each week.

Following the guidelines below will greatly facilitate getting your information uploaded and indexed quickly:

1.  SEND TRANSCIPTIONS IN PLAIN TEXT.   If you are transcribing tombstones from photographs, PLEASE send the transcription in a plain text document (not an Excel spreadsheet), or copy and paste it to an e-mail message.

2. DO NOT SEND MORE THAN 3-4 PHOTOGRAPHS.  Good ones to include are  one or two landscape views, one of the entrance or church, one or two of oldest or most interesting stones.  If you are offering the image files to interested researchers, let me know, and I will list you as the contact person.  Image files should be names without spaces (ie, JamesJones) and saved as individual .jpg files.  I edit each photograph to about 35K-65K for Internet use.
Send the image files separate from the text transcription. 

3. TEXT INCLUDED IN AN IMAGE FILE is not searchable by our site search or by general search engines.  It is invisible to search engines.   If you have information that you would like to include in your transcription, be sure to send it as plain text.

4.  I DO NOT DO TRANSCRIPTIONS.  Although I may occasionally photograph a few tombstones and old churches, I regret that I have little time for transcriptions.  I wish I did!  As with newspaper articles, old letters, etc., I ask that all contributions come as a transcription in plain text. 

4.  CONTACT ME IN ADVANCE TO LET ME KNOW THAT YOU ARE SENDING A FILE ATTACHMENT.  I receive over 500 messages per day (mostly spam), and don't want to miss your important contribution!


     If you have photographs, or are willing to take photographs, of any cemeteries or churches not listed, please let me know.  Because of limited space, a photograph of the cemetery "scenery", with or without the entrance sign, along with one or two older or more interesting tombstones, would be great.  With limited transcriptions on the Colleton County site, we really need as many of those in plain text as we can get. 

     Please note:  Colleton County SCGenWeb does not have consent to publish cemetery records from the Cemeteries of Upper Colleton County South Carolina by Evelyn McDaniel Frazier Bryan and Gibson Howard Bryan, first published 1972; nor the new Cemetery Inscriptions of Lower Colleton County, South Carolina, and Live Oak Cemetery Transcriptions, published by the Old St. Bartholomew Genealogical Society.
     If your ancestors lived in the area of Upper Colleton that is now part of Dorchester County, be sure to check the Cemetery Transcriptions of Dorchester County  at Dorchester County SCGenWeb.

Pat Sabin

Please check availability and price before ordering!

"Cemeteries of Lower Colleton County" and "Live Oak Cemetery"
Available now through the Old St. Bartholomew Chapter of the South Carolina Genealogical Society.

"Cemeteries of Upper Colleton County"
Includes tombstone transcriptions, extensive directions to get to the property,
and in many cases family background and black and white photograph.  Fully indexed.

Available at the Colleton Museum in Walterboro, SC by sending your order to:
Colleton Museum
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South Carolina 29488
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