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Dorchester County SCGenWeb

Dorchester County,South Carolina Surname Registry

Last Updated 01/28/16

Andy Hoover
Campbell and Tuttle

Robert Glenn, Jr.

Susan Reed Brownlee -

Toni van Gils Durr, Easterlin, Walters, Winningham -
Email address needs updating
Evelyn McCurley Happensack, Poppenheim -

Ruthie Bishop Infinger, Whetsel -

Elizabeth Waring Noble Joor / Ioor, Ladson, Perry, Stanyarne, Waring . Email address needs updating

William Murdaugh Murdaugh -

Andrea Vanderhorst Perkins, Snyder, Tann,  -

Pat Sabin Gavin, Hughes / Hughs, Byrd, Raysor, Murray, Tatum, Stokes, Walker Raysor Family Gathering
David Smith Lee, Turner -

William Smith Harbeson, Hutto -

Jennett Pearson Crosby -

Ronda Sword Winkfein Cone
Steve Mears Bamberg, Folk, Mears, Rentz, Reynolds and Related Families
Families Originating in Lowcountry South

Sandra Hill Nix Spell,  Hill, Hoff, Fox, Morgan,Dewitt,Butcher,Sauls,Savage -

Kristen Gregory Holseberg, Thompson, Nettles -

Debra Tucker Stokes, Tucker, Clayton, Sillivant -

Dwight Hutchinson Hutchinson -

Joseph Stephens Joyner, Gould -

B. Grice-Crislip Jackson, Marchant, Craven -

Newton Stall Stall -

Bill Hutto Hutto -

Kevin Hinton Hinton -

Dean Williams Creel, Creal, Byrd, Watters / Walters -

Michael Gathron Britt -

Sam Howell Howell, Behling, Westburn, Carn, Grimes, Beagling -

Vernon L. Berry Berry, Bryant, Mack, McFadden, Cokley, Butler, Simmons -

Harriet Scherer Thompson, Westbury, Nobles, Myers, Connor, Berry, Pulaski, Copeland  -
Emrie Davis LaBarge Davis, Fitch
Debby Moorer Wilson Moorer, Utsey, Ackerman, Easterling / Easterlin, Bruce,  Dukes -
Linda W. Skelton Wagers, Harbeson, Pendarvis, Infinger, Mustard, Marchant, Timothy, Herron -
Earlyne B. Woodward Bettis -

Sharon K Riggs  Riggs -

James (Jimmy) Smith  Smith, Hill, Newton, Shieder -

Christina McArn Scott McArn, Norket -

Sam Brownlee Brownlee -

Lynda C. Moseley Craft, Wannamaker -

John Morrissey Durr, Howell, Carn, Hussey -

Beth Bellerose Patrick, Doyle, Wannamaker, Kennedy -

Linda Hoose
Utsey, Hutto, Weeks, Gressett -

Lucy Summey-Greer
Syphrett, Syphret, Sypres, Sypress  -

Mildred Rease Clark Sweat / Sweatman, Hauck -

Carolyn Walker
Walker, Morgan, Thomas, Barr, Polk, Jackson, Hendrix, Sessions, Durden, Mock
Linda McDowell
Firth, Hutchinson

Carol Rackley
Givhan, Morgandollar, Appleby, Coburn, Ford, Molet,
Hamilton, Milhous, Wilson, Clayton
David Piquette
Spell, Utsey, Canaday, Shieder, Muckenfuss, Clayton, Way, Johnston, Liston, Minus -
Joseph Knight Jr.

Knight, Wimberly, Durr, Jackson

Carissa Mann
Garbon / Garbonne

Charles Felder
Felder, Hutto, Smith, Hartzog, Berry, Dukes, Jones,
Williams, Shuler, Walker, Davis, Stroman

Paula Williams

William S. Smith

Bob Rhode
The Rhode Family History
Clark, Way, Mizell, Spell, and related families
Irma Cliborne

Sweatman (Tom). Tumbleston (Susan)

Helen Thompson
Rev. Eli Murchinson McKissick and
his wife, Hester Poston McKissick.
Debbie Adams

Appleby, Larisey, Stokes, Rumph, Earle, Smyly, Stephens
Susan Breaker

Knight, Mellard
Dianne Ott Caldwell
Ackerman, Jernigan, Ott, Westbury

Dwayne Brewton
Joyner, Joiner

Tammy Wheeler
Hooper, Mellard

Wheeler Family Genealogy
Roxie Callegari
Fiol , Rasberry

Joil, Frederick, Breadman, Brown, Anderson, Henderson

Marilyn Danner Samuel

Danner (Archibald Rogerson Danner)
Brenda White
May, Minus
Heidi Haines
Martin, Graham , possibly Smylie

If you have Dorchester County roots and would like to register your primary surnames, please put Dorchester Surname(s) in the subject line of your message.  Be sure to give me your first and last name.

If you have a genealogy web site, please give me the name of the site, ie: "Smith Genealogy", and the URL (web address).  If you have any actual documents transcribed on your site, such as cemetery records, census records, church histories or records, etc., please be sure to mention it so I can add a link from the Research page, too.    I check links periodically, and remove any broken links to websites, so if you move your genealogy site, or change your email address, please let me know.  Pat Sabin  

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