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Old Murray - Shuler Cemetery
Photograph by Paulette Johnston

Compiled by Lillian H. Harley, Pattie W. Heaton, Lillian D. Kizer
Location: About .07 mi. Northwest of Grover on S-18-19, Old Wire Road, then a short distance south of the residence of A. L. Mizell.

History: The oldest tombstone we found in Old Shuler Cemetery or Burying Ground, as so many resting places were called in the 1800's, was that of a footstone only with the following thereon: W J M 1815. This, of course, proves that a person was buried there then. We would like to find out who this was and shall endeavor to do so.

As one will notice by the inscriptions of the following page, this cemetery is one hundred sixty-four (164) years old, or probably older, for the first known burial was 1815. Of those tombstones found, there were four with no dates; one burial, as mentioned above, 1815; two in 1830's; four in 1840's; two in 1850's; one in 1860's; one in 1870's; one in 1890's; and three in early 1900's - the last being 1928. Mary Ann Murray, wife of the Hon. John S. Murray of this Parish who departed this life on the 20th of August 1836, Aged 35 years is the second oldest remaining tombstone. The oldest mentioned above may have been a W. J. Murray. We do not know. Nevertheless we believe that this cemetery was founded by The Hon. John S. Murray who died eight years after his wife and was buried here along with three of his children designated. You will note that a daughter of Hon. John S. Murray, named Martha Matilda was the wife of Dr. W. M. Shuler, both of whom are buried here. The Hon. John S. Murray served in the Senate of South Carolina from St. George Parish, Dorchester from 1840-1842, and 1842-1844 the year in which he passed away. (Re. THE SENATE OF THE STATE OF SOUTH CAROLINA 1776-1962, page 130) As most people know, the present town of Grover was named MURRAY early and shows on the survey by Saml. A. Ruddock, 1820, improved for Mills Atlas 1825, in Colleton District, South Carolina, which a part thereof became Dorchester County in 1897. We certainly hope that this old historical cemetery will be restored. Thomas J. & Florelle M. Weeks
Note: Mr. & Mrs. Bennie Berry state that this cemetery was known as Murray Cemetery early.

Shown by Mr. Herbert W. Infinger.

Copyists: Pattie W. Heaton, Clement B. Gruber, T. J. Weeks, Florelle M. Weeks, Herbert W. Infinger, Lillian H. Harley.

Date: February 4, 1979

Sallie F. Carr  -  Wife of
J. H. Carr
and daughter of
Dr. W. M. & Martha M.
Aug. 3, 1852
April 2, 1870

Alfred Huger Murray
d. July 12, 1912
Aged 70 yrs. 1 mo. 1 day
Emma E. Murray
Jan. 25, 1857
Feb. 12, 1928

John Jacob  -  Son of
John J. & Emily R. Murray
1 May 1847
21 July 1849
2 yrs. 1 mo. 21 days

The Hon John S. Murray
Died July 17, 1844
in the 50th year of his age
Member of the State 
Legislature from this
Parish at the time of
his death and a leading
member of the Fraternity
of Ancient Free Mason

Julius Green  -  Son of
John J. & Emily R. Murray
21 Oct. 1849
3 Sept. 1852
2 yrs. 10 mos. 12 days

Margaret B. Murray  -  Dau of
Hon. J. S. & M. A. Murray
Died Sept. 8, 1840
Aged __________
Martha J. Murray  -  Dau of
The Hon. J. S. & M. A. 
Died Oct. 9, 1845
(Completely buried in debris)

Mary Ann Murray  -  Wife of
Hon. John S. Murray
Of this Parish who departed
this life on the 
20th of August 1836
Aged 35 years

Virginia Octavio  -  Dau of
John J. & Emily Murray
Born Feby 3, 1852
8 October 1852

(footstone only,

William Isaac Shuler Murray
Son of
A. H. & Emma E. Murray
Sept. 21, 1877
Nov. 2, 1886

(No name or dates)

Sacred to the Memory of
Bonham Murray Shul___
(no dates)
Caroline E. Shuler (nd)
(on same stone)
William D. Shuler (nd)

L. Emma Johnston
1862  -  1935
Wife of
Wm. M. Shuler, MD
J. W. Gruber

Martha Matilda  -  Wife of
Dr. W. M. Shuler  
and Dau of
Hon. John S. Murray
Oct. 6, 1830
April 24, 1887

Wightman Dickson  -  Son of
Dr. W. M. & Martha M. 
Oct. 4, 1868
Age 6 months & 17 days

Dr. W. M. Shuler
May 4, 1824
July 30, 1898

Mattie Mae Murray  -  Wife 
of A. J. Westbury
Sept. 18, 1883
Aug. 8, 1906

1979 Lillian H. Harley, Pattie W. Heaton, Lillian D. Kizer

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