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Barnwell County SCGenWeb 
(includes parts of Barnwell, Allendale, & Bamberg Counties)

Lem Lancaster has spent several years getting cemeteries of the Old Barnwell District online at the Barnwell County SCGenWeb.  Cemeteries in Bamberg County are listed with an * asterisk * below.    Use your BACK button to return here


Blackville City Cemetery (A-J) 
Blackville City Cemetery (K-Z) 
Double Pond Baptist Church 
Georges Creek Baptist Church
Salem Methodist Church *
Chitty Family Cemetery 
Nevils Cemetery
Old River Carroll 
Walker Cemetery 
Nix-Hair Cemetery
Hutto Family Cemetery*
Red Hill Cemetery (Barnwell Baptist)
Starr Cemetery *
Cave Methodist Church 
Hogg/Best Cemetery 
Sanders/Creech Cemetery 
Sanders Burial Ground 
Friendship Baptist Church 
Olar First Baptist Church *
Mount Lebanon Christian Church 
Smart Cemetery 
Reedy Branch Baptist Church 
Shady Rest Cemetery *
Smyrna Baptist Church 
Beech Branch Baptist Church 
Bates Cemetery   


Healing Springs Church 
Mizpah Methodist Church *
Mount Olivett Baptist Church 
Allen Chapel Baptist Church 
Joyce Branch Church 
Springtown Baptist Church *
Church of the Holy Apostles Episcopal 
Ghents Branch Baptist Church *
Treadway Cemetery 
Restland Cemetery *
Cypress Chapel 
Robison Graveyard 
Memorial Baptist Church *
Trotti-Bessinger *
Speedwell Methodist Church 
SRP Cemetery 
Short Staple Cemetery 
Zion Fair Cemetery 
Weathersbee Cemetery
Woodward Cemetery 
Robert C. Kirkland *
Googe Cemetery 
Old Zion Methodist Church *
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Brown Family Cemetery 


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USGS Mapping of Bamberg County Cemeteries

Some volunteers have also uploaded photos of individual cemetery tombstones here

Interment.Net - Cemetery Transcription Project

If you have any cemetery transcriptions for Bamberg County, please consider sharing them on this site! 

Volunteers have spent their own time and energy to transcribe tombstones and share them with you here, and all I have done is format and upload their work.  We thank them for their generosity!

If you have family members who are not appearing in a cemetery transcription, and you know that they are buried there, please e-mail me the information, and I'll add it as a postscript.

Contact the County Coordinator

Published Cemetery Transcriptions for Barnwell County are available for purchase through the

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