Judge Robert Aldrich of Barnwell told me that Jacob Foreman was the best business

man and most admirable character he ever knew.  He said that Uncle Jacob one 

winter bought up all the plow points in Augusta and neighborhing places, and when

Spring came he sold them to less provident farmers for a large profit.  In such 

ventures he amassed his wealth, yet he was a generous and a kindly man.
Isaac and Jane left the following children (all of whom I knew): Mamie, who married A. C. Merriman, who lived at Ellenton. Carrie, who married Joseph Ashley of Elienton. Harriet Francis (Mitt) who married M. P. Howell of Walterboro. Annie, who never married. Maude, who married H. H. Steimbridge of Waynesboro, Georgia. Barney, who was a distinguished Baptist Preacher. Edward who lives at Orangeburg.
My mother, called Mitt by her family, was a woman of striking appearance. She was a tall, brown eyed brunette (as all the Foremans were) always well dressed. Major Howell and his wife were a striking couple. She, with her rich brunette coloring and magnificent carriage; he ten years her senior, with his bright blue eyes and flowing mustache, meticulously garbed in long Prince Albert coat, and with exemplary manners. My mother was a woman of strong personalities, not highly educated, but possessed of great common sense and wonderful tact. She taught her children, not in books, but in good behavior and the eternal principles of righteousness. She was deeply religious, though not much given to dogma. She made friends readily, who were bound to her "with hoops of steel" as long as she lived, and afterward
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