My grandfather intermarried with Susan Grimes, had the following children,

 all of whom I knew: John Joseph, Madison Peyton (my father named for a Methodist

 Circuit Rider); Adolphus Mouson, David Ellison, Elizabeth, Susan Virginia, Julia and

Edward.  All of them are now dead.

        John Joseph operated a county newspaper at St. George, was Superintendent

 of Education for Dorchester County, and a man of sterling parts.  His son, John,

 is now Postmaster at St. George (1942), and his son, Joseph Ellison, lives at Myrtle

 Beach.  His daughter, Emily, is Secretary for the County Directors of Dorchester

 County.  All have children whom I do not know.

        Madison Peyton Howell became an outstanding lawyer at Walterboro; Adolphus Mouson

 was editor of the Greenville News, and later was sent by the United States

 Government, at the request of the English Government, to Australia to practice

 horticulture, particularly tobacco culture.  He remained there for twenty odd years,

 and returned to South Carolina in his last days, where he died.  His children never

 became acclimated to America, and most of them returned to Australia.  Moore

 Howell, his oldest son, died in Greenville about 1938 or 1939. 1 have no contact

 with those who returned to Australia.  David Ellison lived and died near my

grandfather's old home place.  He left numerous children whom I once knew, but

 have lost touch with.  Elizabeth intermarried with Morrison and emigrated to 

Washington State, where she died, leaving progeny whom I do not know.  I remember 

that as a small boy I was shocked, amazed, and made somewhat ashamed on learning 

that she (a woman) voted, and was a Republican in Washington State.

Julia was the family beauty, and was really lovely in appearance and in

 character.  She developed tuberculosis, went to California, seeking a cure, and

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